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This small mod adds Traveling Traders, Traveling Merchants, Roaming Types covering all of Cryodiil. These traders walk around the wilderness...


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This small mod adds Traveling Traders, Traveling Merchants, Roaming Types covering all of Cryodiil. These traders walk around the wilderness close to each town, inn, farm, roads, backroads, shrine,or priory. They will sell you weapons, armor, food, staffs, alchemy ingredients & equip, clothing, lockpicks, spells(limited) & Potions if in stock. Some can repair, recharge, sell spells and all will buy stolen items. They are a Neutral Faction, and do not report crimes commited against them. But, guards will fine you if they catch you stealing, fighting, etc...

This Also Bring Alive the quest talked about in Mage Guild - Anvil Recommendation, but, does not affect this quest in anyway. With Traders traveling within Each Region. It gives the appreance of a Merchants delevering goods to those NPCS that do not leave areas, Shrines, Farms, Inns, and Such. Just in appreance.

NPC Details

All Roaming Traders Classes can only be knocked out, so you many not kill them, 1) if I allowed you to kill them then you could get access to their nearly full suit of armor and weapons. Yes I will change this in a future version, and have something like in the arena. 2) All Roaming NPC are considered neutral toward these factions all guards, bandits, marauders, conjurers, creatures, and will not attack each other this improves gameplay for you. They are no longer considered evil either (version .50 -.60), but do sell evil type items (posion, blacksoulgems,blackrobes new).

You will get no benefiet of Fighting with them. This will lower thier dispostion toward you, making items more expensive to buy from them. Meaning you will have to persuade, bribe, sell items, or use a spell to fix this. If you are combat with them, you can yield to them and make them stop. If an guard see you in combat with any one Roaming Trader Classes. Then the guard will fine you. Unless you have some mod that changes the guards. To restate you will get no benefiet from fighting with them just increasing you skills.

Class Details and Items Sold

Classes buy/sell these items clothing,jewelry, potions, poisons, food, alchemy ingredients & equipment, soul gems, lockpicks, repair Hammers, scrolls, unless noted below and if in stock (%).

Roaming Traders - Imperial, Orc, Norc, Redgaurd - No Spells, No Alchemy Equipment, No Poisons. Sell/Use Heavy Armor Sell/Use Any Type Weapon. Can Repair

Roaming Archers - Wood Elf only - No Books, No Clothing, No Alchemy Equipment, - Poisons, Magic Arrows Only, Light Armor and Bows Only. Can Repair

Roaming Wizard - Breton and High Elf - No Weapons / No Armor / No Lights . Potions, Alchemy Equipment, Clothing & Jewelry Magic/Non, Staffs and Spells, SoulGems, and Can Recharge Equipment

Roaming Rogue - Dark Elf Only - No Books, No Clothing, No Lights - Poisons, Alchemy Equipment, LockPicks Only, Light Armor and Blade Weapons Only, SoulGems and Can Recharge Equipment

Inventory Items

Nearly all items now have a percent chance of appearing following what is listed below. All custom leveled list are mmproamingtraderwhatever.

All Normal Clothing, Weapons, and Armor are 100%. Daedric Armor lvl 20 25% Chance

Magic Armor

Lvl1 Iron/Fur 75%,Lvl3 Steel/Leather 70% ,LVL6 Dwarven/Chain 65% ,LVL10 Orch/Mithril 60% ,LVL15 Ebony/Elven 55% ,LVL 20 Daedric 25%/Glass 50%

Magic Weapons

All Magic Weapons are 50%(Traders,Rogues,Archers), Magic Arrows 75% (Archers), Magic Staffs 50% (wizards)

Potions, Poisons, Scrolls, Magic Clothing, Misc Items

Potions lvl 1 Weak 75%, lvl 5 Standard 65%, lvl 10 Stong 55% (All)

Poisons lvl 1 Weak 75%, lvl 5 Standard 65%, lvl 10 Stong 55% (Rogues, Archers)

Scrolls lvl 1 Novice 75%, lvl 6 Apprentice 65%, lvl 11 Journeyman 55%, lvl 16 Expert 45%, lvl 21 Master 30% (Traders, Wizards)

Magic Jewerly - lvl 4 Base 75%, lvl 9 Average 65%, lvl 14 Grand 55%, lvl 20 Special 45% (Wizards)

Magic Clothing - 50% (Wizard) , SoulGems 25% (Rogues, Wizards), Alchemy Equipment 50% (Wizards & Rogues)

Locations Please Study

This is the biggest change that has happened there are some 63 locations that are now traveled. There are 9 Regions with 7 locations within each region following a Sunday - Saturday Schedule. These can be towns, farms, inns, shrines, roadsigns, backroads, and more. Within each Region you will find 4 traders, 1 wizard, 1 archer, 1 rogue unless noted below. Every location below has at least on Long Run which last serveral hours. I will let you discover how they placed and who is at that location. Remember There are 7 in Each location that follow a 7 day schedule.

Anvil Region - Anvil, Gweden, Kvatch Road Sign, Gottshaw Inn, Brina Cross Inn, Lords Drads, Malacaths

Bravil Region - Bravil, Close Fort Black Boot, Gold Road Stop, Clavicus, PellsGate, Faregyl, Hircine

Bruma Region - Bruma, CloudRuler, AppleWatch, Orange RoadStop, Bleakers Way, Sercen, Namiras

Cheydinhal Region - Cheydinhal, HarlunsWatch, Vaermina, HarmsFolly, Azuras, LordRugdumphs, KnightofThornLodge

Chorrol Region - Chorrol, HackDirt, Weatherleah, BrindleHome, Molag Bals, GottlesFontsPriory, Nikel

Imperial Region (2 Wizards) - WawnettInn, Fort Empire, Aleswell, Roxey Inn, Urasek, Yellow Road Start, Vindasel

Leyawiin Region - Leyawiin East Side, BlakenMarch, Nocturnal, Green Road Stop, Sheogorath, WatersEdge, WhiteStallion Lodge.

Niben Valley Middle Region - Crestbridge, Boethia, Peryites, Yellow Road Stop, Imperial Bridge Inn, Cadlew Chapel, Yellow Road Stop.

SkinGrad Region - Skingrad, Rasava, Before Kvatch, Shetcombe Farm, Meridias, Sanguine, Derelict Mine


How do they Travel- Since we cannot have combat on horses yet, and adding horses creates more objects which impact performance. I have decided not to included horses.

So at 12:00 every night they will run to their next location. During this time you will not be able to buy/sell items from them. You can repair, recharge, or buy spells otherwise. But not buy/sell items until they reach their next location. It may only take a few minutes or could take up to a few hours to reach their next location. Depending on where they have to come from. If they walked they would never get there.

-=Installation=- To install this mod place the .esp file into you '.../Oblivion/Data' file along with any other folders found in the compressed file
-=Version=- Known Bugs Why cant I buy/sell items when they are Traveling? I know this is gonna be asked. So I will answer this has best can I. 1) The Game does not allow this. There is a block that prevents buy/sell items from being offered when using an ai procedure traveling. I am looking into and will try and fix this if possible. 2) This prevents you access to items 24/7 most of the time. 3) Hey you cant have everything all the time. By morning time a trader should reach their location and buy/sell items should be avialable...

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