This is a Utility that quickly modifies Oblivion's .ini or the .cfg file. Example: you need to modify the .ini file to enable screenshots. I...


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This is a Utility that quickly modifies Oblivion's .ini or the .cfg file. Example: you need to modify the .ini file to enable screenshots. It's a really convenient utility. :thumbsup:

- Cometgames13

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Download 'tes_iv_ini.7z' (1.32MB)

TES IV INI ver. 1.5 (12.12.07)

by Andrzej Zapa³owski (AnZap)

This utility allows you to change every .ini or .cfg file
Designed to change Oblivion’s ini file, which for it offers special features

1. Description
2. Usage
3. Credits and contact

1. Description

It’s a small, fully free utility, that alows you to quickly and easy edit the Oblivion’s ini file. Of course it can also work with every .ini/.cfg file, like the Morrowind’s one. 

There had been written zilions of posts about the modyfication of Oblivion’s ini – what do I need to change to achieve what I want to, but I’ve always been missing an utility that can modify this file in fast and simple way, and also allows me to note everything about the strings without opening other tools. So here it comes. ;] 
You can share your strings’ comments by sharing only two files – game_name.dbf and game_name.dbt.

Sections and their strings can be  moved, deleted, duplicated or edited in name and value. Entered or altered values will be automatically checked for the Oblivion’s type strings  - 
„f…” (float), „b…” (boolean), „s…” (string) and „i…” (integer).

Interface is as simple as it can be, based on the Windows’ one. You can get a clue about nearly everything by clicking F1 or the “?” button. Right mouse button brings up a menu with several functions, depending on the mouse position.

You can also search the file – it can be a full name, a part of it or a value, with or without checking the letters size.

 And last but not least – you can compare two configuration files and copy strings’ value from one to another, as well as go directly to key that is different in your file, by double-clicking it.

2. In this version you can:

edit strings grouped in sections for every .ini or .cfg file
automatically check modified value while editing Oblivion’s type strings (those starting with the f, b, i or the s letter)
add comments to every string in the file
search the file for specific value/string 
change the tool’s colors, text font and every window size
add games’ configuration files to the list, to have a quick access to them
share the strings’ comments files (e.g. for Oblivion it will be “Oblivion.dbf” and “Oblivion.dbt”)
delete, duplicate, add or move strings up/down
compare two configuration files and copy strings’ values from one to another
edit tool’s text file and add other language files

3. Credits and contact

Credits go to:

 ·         Duke Nathan – for great forum and a website, where I can talk with other modders and programmers as well as testing and help in the final view of the tool 
·         Magnus – testing, programming help
·         Yonek - translation, testing, ideas

Contact, clues and opinion - azapalowski@poczta.onet.pl

Andrzej Zapa³owski aka AnZap

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