TES IV INI ver. 1.7.1 (10.11.08)

by Andrzej Zapa³owski (AnZap)



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TES IV INI ver. 1.7.1 (10.11.08)

by Andrzej Zapa³owski (AnZap)

This utility allows you to change every .ini or .cfg file

Designed to change Oblivion's ini file as well as Morrowind and Fallout 3, which for it offers special features

In this version you can:

*edit strings grouped in sections for every .ini or .cfg file *automatically check modified value while editing Oblivion's type strings (those starting with the f, b, i or the s letter) *add comments to every string in the file *search the file for specific value/string *change the tool's colors, text font and every window size *add games' configuration files to the list, to have a quick access to them *share the strings' comments files (e.g. for Oblivion it will be "Oblivion.dbf" and "Oblivion.dbt") *delete, duplicate, add or move strings up/down *compare two configuration files and copy strings' values from one to another *edit tool's text file and add other language files

Contact, clues and opinion - azapalowski@poczta.onet.pl

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Download 'tes_iv_ini_eng.exe' (1.48MB)

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