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An update to the previous version of the TES Save manager. Refer to the readme for a more indepth look into what has been changed.


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An update to the previous version of the TES Save manager. Refer to the readme for a more indepth look into what has been changed.

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Download '11.7.0tes_iv_save_manager.rar' (84KB)


This Save Manager allows you to quickly switch between your characters, see where you saved most recently with them, view the in-game screenshot stored in the save, and alter your difficulty and screenshot name for each character.

You just put your characters saves into their own folders (under the My games Oblivion\Saves\, folder) and this program will detect them, allow you to create new ones and launch the game.

The program in no way harms your saves, it doesn't try to alter them, copy them, move them or delete them. 100% safe so you'll never lose your save files (and all those hours of gameplay) to a glitch. 

Character Image

To use the image feature take any image and rename it to char.jpg and place it into your characters save folder. Note - litterly use char.jpg not your characters name.


Active Save - the current active save
Last Operation - Load or New
Outcome of Operation - Success or Fail. Fail shouldn't happen.
Dir Listing Mode - On or Off, On will make the program use it's root directory rather than XP's MYDOC hack.
Game Difficulty: Alters the game difficulty
Rename Screenshots: Alters default screenshot name to CharacterName01,02,03 etc
Quit On Launch: Closes the manager when you hit the Run Game button.

-L:charname = set 'charname' as the active character and launch oblivion.
-N:charname = create new character with the name 'charname', set it as the active character and launch oblivion.
-B          = no background image in the manager.

Note: Please make sure you follow the instructions for existing characters. 

Whats New
For those that want to know what each version had.


Added: Savegame Browser
Updated: Reworked some of the parsing/directory finding code to be more efficient.


Added: An actual oblivion icon.
Added: No background image switch, '-b' will have the manager launch without the background image (which is screwed up on some machines).

Added: Switches, for loading/creating players and launching the game immediately.
Added: 'Quit On Launch' to close the manager when you hit the 'Run Game' button.

Added: Save thumbnail

Added: Image displayed for your character. If you place a jpg in the characters folder called 'char.jpg' the program will display it when you load that profile.
Fixed: Text cut-off with 'Place Saved' and 'Newest Save' status boxes.
Fixed: 'Place Saved' issue where location isn't shown at all, but instead, weird characters are shown.

1.6.1 - Version number and location fix

Flashy GUI - thanks to BeanE
Character save locations added
Most recent save listed


Remembers Settings for each character. saveman.ini stores settings located in my games/oblivion


Difficulty Slider
Screenshot Renaming


Major overhaul of directory listing code.


Toggle Dir Mode
Run Game


New Character
Load Character

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