The Butcher of Armidale

The Companion:

*NPC Companion "Cleon, the Butcher of Armindale" (Imperial Warrior) who will follow you, fight, sneak, loot corpses and...

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File Description

The Companion:

*NPC Companion "Cleon, the Butcher of Armindale" (Imperial Warrior) who will follow you, fight, sneak, loot corpses and everything else you have come to expect from your Oblivion MOD companions.

*Using a modified version of Reznod's companion share MOD, Cleon is able to have his equipment upgraded and to serve as a "pack mule" for the player. The changes to Reznod's script includes code written by ANDYW that counters the "bloating bug" known to occur with CompanionShare.

The Story:

*Detailed character conversations/storyline. What the player says will directly affect Cleon's development as a character and an NPC, and determine the eventual outcome of his quest.

*Quest relating to the NPC - From the onset of the MOD, the player is required to begin a quest to acquire Cleon. He will not simply walk out of nowhere and offer you his services, he needs to be found and in your debt before he will side with you. Additionally, as the story progresses Cleon's quest becomes more involved, eventually leading to a final showdown of suitably epic proportions. The player can choose to take part in this (and develop the character further) or disregard it and use him as a "meatshield" NPC.

*New encounters/fights - Using some "different" encounter techniques that I've always wanted to try in Oblivion I've incorporated several new fights that add to the immersion of the story.

*Alternate endings - There are 3 possible endings which stem from 2 different final encounters, both of which are dependent on your ability to succeed or fail at the final fight, and more importantly the story path that the player chooses.

*Voice Acting - Voice acting for most of the new NPCs added by "The Butcher of Armindale" as MOD, as well as MOST of the conversations with Cleon.


*Fixed a bug where Shann the Bandit was spawned prematurely. (He was actually already triggered to be enabled only after the player experienced the second dream sequence. But unfortunately he wasn't flagged for "initially disabled" so it was kind of pointless.)

*Changed the "abnormally loud" sound at the end of Dream Sequence 1. It should now match the rest of the sounds.

*Stopped Cleon's "Wait" function from trying to path him back to his original grave site.

*Changed the "Passive" conversations (as in, conversations that take place in which the PC is not on the receiving end) so that players with "Show passive subtitles" turned on no longer see the Dialogue notes I left there...

*Resolved the "Cleon's Armour is stolen" bug, and the "Cleon not equipping anything except his original items" bug. You can thank AndyW for that one entirely, I was too hung over to even ATTEMPT to fix it =P


*"A TALE OF TWO WORLDS" - The first "party" MOD for Oblivion, which will allow Ruined-Tail's Tale and The Butcher of Armindale to work in tangent with each other. ADDITIONALLY, the two NPCs work around each other's quests (without breaking the chain) and share "inter-party banter" at times.

*NPC updates - More realistic AI functions that can make full use of the Radiant AI in Oblivion.

*Voice Acting - A great deal of it is done already, but there is still more to come. Rest assured it will be completed as soon as possible.

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