The Float Crib

This version hopefully fixes the new staff not working for some people. It also adds some Necromancers in the main part of the house, and mo...

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File Description

This version hopefully fixes the new staff not working for some people. It also adds some Necromancers in the main part of the house, and more beds and a table with "food" on it. This was to make it feel more like it was actually used by necromancers before you showed up. For newcomers the house is located above the Nibenay Bay, but to get to it you take the teleportation pad in Cadlew Chapel. Still guarded by a high level Vampire Guard. Have fun skydiving!

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Float Crib 1.5 Readme

This Mod adds a new "house" to the game. It's actually some platforms similar to the "Floating PLatforms" mod.
This is supposed to feel darker with an oblivion/necromancerish feel to it. 
It's named "The Float Crib" because that's what my friend called the Floating Platforms mod.

Just add the "Float Crib" ESP file to your  Oblivion/Data folder.
On the Oblivion Autorun Menu click Data Files, then double click the Float Crib.esp to select it.
Then run the game and enjoy!

How To PLay:
The teleportation pad to the house is in Cadlew Chapel. Cadlew Chapel is across the lake, east of Bravil.

WARNING!: In the room you teleport to there is a level 60 Guardian fully clad in Daedric Armour who has the key to get into the actual house part! 
(Or do it on minimum difficulty I guess)

In the house there are a few nice items. 1 is easy to find, 1 is a little more challenging, and the other is harder still. None are really that hard they just take some looking for.
The 2 harder ones are in a place where you will have to fall off after getting them so don't try to get back up. Just FT back to the Chapel and return.
These are the main reasons for having such a powerful guardian. On a low level these items would imbalance the game.
There are also 16 bottles of Human Blood which give you some vampiric abilities (Without making you into a Vampire)

I don't know of any but it is more than likely that there are so please post them if you find any.
Not really a bug but a necromancer sometimes run off the edge of the house so it might say you're still in combat even though all the necromancers on the house are dead

Version Info:
1.0 - 	Original
1.5 - 	Removed script from staff causing it not to work in some cases
	Added several Necromancers guarding the main house
	Added more beds and a table to make it feel more like it was in use before you got there, and a huge skeleton just because I could
Final Notes:
Feel free to modify this mod anyway you like or use it in a seperate mod, but give me credit for my work.
Post any bugs that you find as always so that I can try to fix them

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