The Nazarian Library

I love books!

I'm sure many people here also love books, and even more so the books in Oblivion and Morrowind. The ripping stories that...

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I love books!

I'm sure many people here also love books, and even more so the books in Oblivion and Morrowind. The ripping stories that are told, the jokes and the strange facts that you can find out from these in-game books are amazing.

Now you can access all of these books at any time in one conveniant location, just outside the Imperial City. The Nazarian library is just southeast of the Arcane University, and oh what a lovely library it is.

The Nazarian Library is a special place, where none of the books can be taken for your own personal use. The 'take' optiong has been removed, to stop the books going missing. HOWEVER they can still be moved using the 'pick up' button, telekinesis, other forms of magicka etc etc. This is not advised however, as it does screw up how nice and neat it looks.

The lighting is great, with the fire seemingly providing a warm comforting light, as you peruse the shelves filled with stories waiting to be read. This is a great reading atmosphere, and a wonderful addition to the mod.

I also like the statues dotted here and there on the shelves, giving the library a sort of homely feel. I hadn't seen to many statues in Oblivion, but it's nice to have them all in one place.

If you enjoy your literature and want to be able to access and and all books in Oblivion then this is the download that you take advantage of.

Download and enjoy!


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Re-Upload Request Restoration

This mod is a Library that has all of the books in oblivion in it! (minus journals and other stuff that will ruin the game) So you can read them whenever you like. I took the skills away from the skill books but they are in there too! I like the history of cyrodiil and the other stories in the game now they are in one place. I made a book of my own to explain the library too. I had a lot of fun making this place I hope you all like it. The library is just south east of the arcane university. I made it so you cant take the books so you dont lose any of them. hehe. Spend the day in my beautiful library! this is my second mod please let me know what you think. my first one called "the nazarian compound" was cheat city. this one is not. its just for fun. also let me know if i could improve it for you all. i would love to do so. thanks!
PS. you don't need shiviering Isles for this its only the vannilla books.
v1.1 I removed the quest update from the
Thieves guild in 2 of the chairs (oops sorry) and reduced the light level. Im still working on version 2. PS. the key for the dresser IS in the library somewhere (and you can reach it!)
v2 I added all of the books from Morrowind and Daggerfall to the library
and lowered the light level a bit more.
I'm leaving version 1.1 up in case you do not want to have the M/Df books in the library for some reason or another. All the books from M/Df were made into oblivion format by MrDarkSim. So he gets most of all the credit. He also has mods that you can download in case your character wants to own the books from M/Df. Enjoy! thanks for all the feedback on V1! maybe I can make a V3 soon!

Installation: drop in your bethesda/oblivion/data folder, and select mod in load screen.

contact me

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