The Void



Who wants a rush of adrenaline for their oblivion experience? Who finds the enemy's weak and boring? Who wants to duel someone with REAL skill?

Well, maybe not me but I gave it a try anyway :P This mod adds a doorway into the void on a big boulder, near the "Saviour of Bruma' statue (assuming you've gone that far into the game). When you enter you find yourself in a void, no sunlight or trees. No wind, no animals *insert spooky sounds here*. Just follow the bridge to find him. Yes, him. The level 50 him. The level 50 him guarding the chest full of treasure (arrrr mateys :rolleyes: ) This should be great for lower level characters looking to boost their skills, or have some fun. Higher level characters may find this not so hard. There is a sword with boosted stats to be gained from killing Mr 50. If you just want the loot however, you may be able to find the other key hidden in the room without starting a battle. My personal experience from this mod wasn't too great, however, this is only because it was my lvl 50 versus the AI level 50 and my character whips butt;) So if you're looking for some action and downright dirty swordplay, this is the mod for you!

Downloa and enjoy!




The Void V .1




Adds A Door Some where in Bruma That Takes You To "The Void" You Will Take a Lil Walk Then Enter Another Door Where U Fight a Lvl 50!!! Swords men.
Loot his gear, take the Key and get the Sword out of the chest (stronger then gold brand yet weaker then umbra) {{unenchanted}}




Extract .Esp to Your 'Oblivion\Data' directory

That Easy


Known Issues


Falling over the edge may get u stuck




He is Lvl 50! and wont go Down easy, u must kill him to get the key too (will atk on sight)

Contact Me To Report Bugs/Glitches/Errors 

[email protected]
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