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One of the first things that I thought when I started playing oblivion was 'Where are the throwing weapons?'. Well, there weren't...


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One of the first things that I thought when I started playing oblivion was 'Where are the throwing weapons?'. Well, there weren't any. But now there are. Guidobot10101's Throwing Stars II adds a host of throwing weapons (25+) to the gameworld, as a standard weapon. You can find them in almost any weapon or even armor store. There are balanced knives, throwing axes, throwing shields, and throwing darts, all in the standard variants (silver, glass, daedric, etc.) I can't tell you how cool it is to throw a huge hammer at the adoring fan. This is the most satisfying mod I have ever used. It is innovative, creative, resourceful, functional, fun, and it all comes in a 90 kb. package. It is a feat of game engineering, scripting, and a huge leap forward for the modding community.

If you need some proof to believe this, here are some videos:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Of course, you can't experience this mod through a video. I highly recommend this mod. It is definitely worth the 1 second download.

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Download '' (89KB)

Version: 2.0
Author:  Guidobot
Contact: [edited for privacy]


This MOD adds a bunch throwing weapons to merchants around Cryodiil. Some of
these are special, with unique properties, while others are more mundane. A
full list is given in the details section below. The some of the original
throwing star weapons may be controlled using marksman powers than you gain
as you raise your marksman skill level (in increments of 20).




Simply place the ThrowinStars.esp file in your .../Oblivion/Data folder.
When you next start Oblivion, before you press Play, select Data Files and
check-mark Throwing Stars.

If you used Throwing Stars 2.0 and wish to keep your character stats then running
Throwing Stars 2.0 will only really lose you any cash you spent buying the original
Throwing Stars items: Disable the MOD. Load your game. Save your game. Replace the
original esp with the new one. Enable the MOD and off you go.

Just start your game with the MOD selected and various tutorials will help
to guide you as to where to find and how to use these items.

This MOD does not require you to restart Oblivion and should not conflict
with the original Oblivion game nor other MODs you may have installed.


Throwing Skill
Marksman is the primary skill that governs both accuracy and damage for throwing
weapons. A successful hit will count to marksman skill ups and, hence, player level.
This will increase in a manner similar to using your bow but at an average rate
(less than for major skills but more than for minor). Skill specialization is not a
factor but standard stealth classes and/or the player's current stealth skill will
affectthe rate of experience gain. Base marksman skill also determines when you
learn Marksman Powers, which can be used with enchanted throwing shields.

Agility affects the speed weapons travel through the air and so affects range and
also accuracy, especially over longer distances. Additionally, strength will modify the
effective throwing range, especially for heavier weapons.

The angle that a weapon strikes a target modifies the standard damage it does. A
good attack angle will deliver 100% damage whereas a poor one will only deliver
70% to 90% damage depending on the weapons weight devision. Generally a weapon
that strikes reacts like an arrow and has a chance of being transferred to the target's
inventory. However, a 'blunt end' strike will only do 10-30% and will bounce off of the
target. The strike angle works like real thrown weapons and is dependent on your
distance from the target and a small random factor governed by your luck. This angle
is moderated by your agility and skill in the particular weapon type (see table below)
so at higher skill levels modular distance to the target is less important. Distance is
not a factor for darts and throwing stars, which always strike with a 'sharp' edge.

All thrown weapons do locational damage and the damage will be divided between
health and armor, depending on armor weighting and the particular throwing item.
Stealth enabled throwing weapons will do extra damage depending on your stealth
skill when thrown in sneak mode and the target is not already alerted to your presence.

A list of weapons and their related characteristics is given below:

Throwing Weapon          Rarity    D/TT  Special Attributes
-----------------------  --------  ----  ------------------------------------------
Dart of Piercing         Common    FW/2  Enchanted, Volatile
Dart of Rending          Common    FW/2  Enchanted, Volatile
Dart of Corrosive Poison Uncommon  FW/2  Enchanted, Volatile
Dart of Stunning         Uncommon  FW/2  Enchanted, Volatile
Dart of Magma            Uncommon  FW/2  Enchanted, Volatile
Dwemer Throwing Shield   Limited   FW/3  S&R, Marksman Powers, Block, Chuck
Glass Throwing Shield    Limited   FW/3  S&R, Marksman Powers, Block, Chuck
Elven Throwing Shield    Limited   FW/3  S&R, Marksman Powers, Block, Chuck, Skim
Ebony Throwing Shield    Limited   FW/3  S&R, Marksman Powers, Block, Chuck
Daedric Throwing Shield  Limited   FW/3  S&R, Marksman Powers, Block, Chuck
Ninja Star               Limited   FW/4  S&R, Bound, Acid Poison, Soul Steal, Chuck
Mobius Glaive            Unique    SP/5  Autonomous, Unlockable
Iron Throwing Knife      Common    LW/1  Melee, Skim
Balanced Iron Dagger     Common    LW/1  Melee
Balanced Steel Dagger    Common    LW/1  Melee
Steel Throwing Blade     Uncommon  LW/1  Melee, Reach
Balanced Silver Dagger   Uncommon  LW/1  Melee, Skim
Elven Throwing Knife     Rare      LW/1  Melee, Skim, Infusion Resistant
Balanced Iron Axe        Common    MW/1  Melee
Balanced Steel Axe       Common    MW/1  Melee
Iron Tossing Axe         Common    HW/1  Melee
Balanced Steel Warhammer Common    HW/1  Melee, Blunt
Silver Throwing Axe      Uncommon  HW/1  Melee, Infusion Resistant
Dwemer Throwing Axe      Rare      HW/1  Melee, R&C, Infusion Resistant
Mortevacho's Hammer      Unique    HW/1  Melee, Enchanted, B&R, Infusion Resistant

Divisions (D)
FW: Featherweight (Throwing Stars and Darts)
    Agility and marksmanship govern speed, accuracy and damage.
    Stealth enabled for throw but no melee attack.
    Hand-to-hand enhances direct damage for dart strikes.
LW: Lightweight   (Throwing Knives)
    Agility and marksmanship govern speed, accuracy and damage.
    Stealth enabled for throw.
    Blade skill and agility moderate strike angle; strength moderates range.
    More effective when thrown vs. melee.
MW: Middleweight  (Throwing Axes)
    Agility and marksmanship govern speed, accuracy and damage.
    Blunt skill and agility moderate strike angle; strength moderates range.
    Stealth enabled for throw.
    Equally effective when thrown vs. melee.
HW: Heavyweight   (Two-handed Throwing Weapons)
    Agility and marksmanship govern speed, accuracy and damage.
    Strength and blunt skill moderate strike angle; strength moderates range.
    Larger strike angle range and knock-back on strike.
    Less effective when thrown vs. melee.
SP: Special       (Mobius Glaive)
    Damage and targetting independent of skills.

Throwing Types (TT)
1: Ready weapon (F) and Turpin's Ring of Quickdraw (Hotkey)
   - Weapon must be equipped.
2: Speed Equip (Hotkey) and Dartsman Bracers (Block action)
   - No weapon equipped (fists up).
3: Block action
   - 1-handed weapon must be equipped, drawn or not.
4: Block action with Ninja Gauntlets equipped
   - 1-handed weapon must be equipped, drawn or not.
5: Cast using special powers of command.
   - No restictions due to weapon equipped/readied status.

Notes: Each throwing type has a different animation that affects the speed you
can (re)throw a weapon. Some weapons may be harder to 'ready' but then have a
correspondingly quicker throw action. Generally, if you are carrying multiple
throwing weapons of the same type, then another will automatically be equipped
after one is thrown (similar to arrows).

Weapon Abilities
Melee: May be used like a regular weapon in melee combat.
   Throwing weapons are generally smaller, lighter and better balanced
   than regular melee weapons making them slightly quicker to use but with
   slightly less reach and inflicting a little less damage.
Blunt: Truely blunt items always bounce off of surfaces.
Block: When equipped, weapon acts to provide minor defense (adds to AC).
Reach: Relatively longer and more effective in melee combat.
Skim: Flys faster when thrown relative to similar weapons in its class.
Chuck: All weapons of the type equipped may thrown at once.
Volatile: Disintegrates on strike.
Bound: Strongly associated with a container item (will not remain in inventory).
Autonomous: Item is self-animated and only partly under the caster's control.
Unlockable: Item requires certains skills to be used and/or enabled.
S&R: Strike and Return.
   Automatically returns to caster's inventory on strike of a creature target.
   Items with the S&R ability may not be infused.
R&C: Return and Catch. (Boomerang effect.)
   Flys back to caster on strike or when out of range.
   Automatically re-equipped if caught in the air.
B&R: Bounce and Return.
   Bounces off of any target or surface when strikes then returns to caster's
   inventory and automatically re-equips. May result in multiple throw/strikes
   when caster is within bounce range of target or surface.
Enchanted: Has a specific enchantment that is (also) effective when thrown.
Acid Poison: Extra health and armor damage on strike.
   Such items may be dangerous to touch without protection.
Soul Steal: Life essence may be collected if target dies when stuck.
   Charged items may be used to recharged enchanted weapons without loss.
Infusion Resistant: Infusion effects are only partly effective but the item
   will not disintegrate on strike.
Marksman Powers: Items respond to special powers that may be gained when the
   you have one or more or these items and achieve certain levels of marksmanship.
   Some marksman powers require multiple items of the same type to be equipped.

Throwing Weapon Related Artifacts
Ninja Gauntlets (Unique)
   Required to attain and use Enchanted Ninja Stars. Openning the gauntlets from
   your inventory causes all out-of-sight bound Ninja Stars to be recalled and allow
   you to see how many you have. Only charged Ninja Stars may be transferred to
   your inventory. Ninja Gauntlets are inactive for throwing Ninja Stars if you have     
   a two-handed weapon, no weapon, or a shield equipped. When the gauntlets are
   equipped from your inventory any shield will be unequipped and visa versa.
   This item only functions as regular gauntlets when speed equipped (via hotkey).
Dartsman Bracers (Uncommon)
   Can hold up to 10 darts that may be thrown sucessively from the bracers, thereby
   reducing the 'ready weapon' effort. Darts are automatically equipped to the
   Dartsman bracers when selected in your inventory or may be transferred in any
   number when the Dartsman Bracers are equipped from your inventory. Dartsman
   Bracers may only be used to throw darts when in a fists-up stance but otherwise
   have the same usage restrictions as Ninja Gauntlets.
Walfo's Gloves of Aeration (Rare)
   When equipped this these gloves infuse any throwing weapon with a powerful
   skim effect when thrown, allowing heavy weapons to be thrown much further.
Turpin's Ring of Quickdraw (Unique)
   This ring is very unusual in that it will not stay on your finger and only has
   an effect when speed equipped (via hotkey). When equipped in this way, any
   throwable weapon in hand will be immediately thrown.
Varrigfa's Ring of Infusion (Unique)
   When equipped, any weapon that is thrown will be infused with a shock magika
   that will affect a target on strike, in addition to any other damage and effects
   that that weapon would normally do. Typically, a larger weapon (in a heavier
   division) will be infused with more energy, delivering more damage on contact,
   and will become volatile, meaning it is destroyed on impact. However, some
   enchanted weapons are immune to the infusion effect while others may be resistant,
   meaning they will infused with less energy and/or survive impact.

Notes on rarity: Unique items are unique and only available for purchase a specific 
merchant. 'Limited' means that only a small fixed number of such items exist in
Cryodiil but may be for sale at any merchant. Weapons that are of rare, uncommon and
common occurance will generally be available at most merchants but in corresponding
quantities. Merchants may specialize in the types of throwing weapons they like to keep
in stock. The terms 'rare' and 'uncommon' as applied to throwing weapon related
artifacts refers to how likely you are to see these items for sale. However, you may
have difficulty finding a merchant that is willing to part with one of these items. Just
keep looking at different vendors and even go back after a week or so.


1) Ninja Gauntlets are only fully equipped from your inventory. When equipped
using a hotkey, or when a Throwing Shield or regular shield is equipped,
they will act as normal gauntlets. (This is for both game play and technical

2) The Mobius Glaive is only partly under your control when in flight. You
may need to use the the power of command frequently. To retrieve it you have
to catch it out of the air (tip: try crouching).

3) There are a couple of easter eggs in this game. Note that there are 3 control
modes that you can unlock for the Mobius Glaive, primarily based on your security
skill. There are 6 marksman powers to be gained.

4) When playing with Throwing Shields use the Sense Summon and Recovery powers to find
and retrieve them when distant. Recovery will recover all nearby but requires you be
holding one of the type you want. Sense Summon will summon if cast while your x-hairs
have an obscurred throwing shield targetted. As will the Ninja Gauntlets, the items
will not be retrieved if already in sight.

5) To see your current throwing skill stats, turn the Ninja Gauntlets inside-out,
i.e. put them inside themself ;).

6) The term 'crouch' is used in-game to mean go into sneak mode. The term 'speed-equip'
means using assigning and using a hotkey. The term 'block action' means using a block
key - typically the R-mouse button or Alt. Because of implementation, this also means
using the shift-key or otherwise toggling run mode. The term 'chuck' means an holding
the block-action a little longer (hard-press) to throw a bunch of items.

7) The total potential damage will also be less if you 'chuck' throwing stars
together (imprecisely), although you might be able to hit the target with
multiple stars this way. Ninja stars will do slightly more armor damage and
are more effective when chucked because of their poison acid coating.
(You may charge several ninja stars from one soul this way.) Ninja Stars will
will hurt you if you pick them up while not wearing a pair of Ninja Gauntlets
for the same reason.


1) Most things in this MOD are simulations of the game mechanics via the
limited functionality available through scripting. When an item hits another
actor the reaction might not be quite the same as when hit by arrows or melee
weapons. All item targetting is based on line-of-sight (LOS) and may not work
perfectly when throwing over things or at the surface of some objects they strike.
If you cannot pick up an item, dislodge it with another (thrown) item or retrieve
it with marksman power, then remember that 'lost' Throwing Shields will eventually
turn up for sale again at various merchants.

2) There are some unavoidable equip messages when using Throwing Stars and
when accessing the Ninja Gauntlets from you inventory.

3) When you reload a game where you had a Throwing Shield equipped, you may
see your character holding a corresponding shield when your inventory is up.
This will correct itself when you select a different Throwing Shield or
regular shield.

4) If you have trouble using any of this MOD from a reloaded game, e.g. a
quick-save, you may need to restart Oblivion to reload. It appears that not
all MOD data is reloaded from a "quick-save".


You may set the following parameters from the consul window (press '~') using
the command:
set qtstar.<parameter> to <value>
~ (close consul)

  - specifies how many frames the R-mouse key is held down before a 'throw'
    becomes a 'chuck'. Default is 15.
  - specifies how many frames the R-mouse key is held down before a throw
    action is cancelled. Default is 30. If this is <= qtstar.chuckTimeIn then
    the 'chuck' throw action will be effectively disabled.
  - specifies the shader efects seen when throwing stars hit a target.
    Default is 0. If 1 then no (red) shader seen for Throwing Shield hits.
    If 2 then, additionally, no (green) shader seen for Ninja Star hits.
  - specifies the rate experience is gained for throwing star skill
    Default is 1.1. A higher value means it is harder to level up your
    marksman skill by using throwing weapons.

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