Treasure Maps: Blood Ransom

The next edition of this really innovative mod. For those of you not familiar with the original, this adds a series of 'maps' you can buy fr...


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The next edition of this really innovative mod. For those of you not familiar with the original, this adds a series of 'maps' you can buy from shops around Cyrodiil to lead you to rich treasure hidden somewhere in the game.

This new version is in the search for pirate treasure. Gems, jewels, gold and books are amongst the loot, as well as a uniquely made armour set.

Note: Make sure you download the missing texture to avoid a purple block appearing, giving away the treasure location.;78256


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Maps & Mod Created By Kevin, Captain Vlad's Equipment Designed & Created By Sam

150 years ago, the most feared pirate was Captain Vladimir Fallen. His fleet of pirate 

ships ruled the seas of the Gold Coast. His most famous crime was the kidnapping of the 

royal heir of the Anvil royal house. Captain Vlad demanded the entire contents of the Anvil 

treasury in exchange for the prince's return. The ransom was paid, but the prince was 

killed in an escape attempt. Fearing the wrath of the Anvil & Imperial Navys, Captain Vlad 

ordered the treasures hidden on land. Captain Vlad was killed & his fleet was destroyed in 

a huge battle weeks later. The treasures were never found. 

This is a sequel to my Treasure Maps mod earlier this year. This mod is a stand alone, you 

do not need to have the previous mod installed. The idea is simple. You can buy treasure 

maps at various shops. You follow the clues on the maps to lead to buried treasure in the 

game world. There are 16 different maps you can purchase. You can buy them at Silverhome on 

the Water in Bravil, The Flowing Bowl in Anvil, The Bloated Float in IC & The Five Claws 

Lodge in Leyawiin. Follow the clues on the maps to lead to the treasure. When you think you 

are in the right spot scan the ground to locate the treasure. There are no visible clues to 

the location of the treasures, so you probably won't just stumble on them. The treasures 

include gold, jewels, scrolls, equipment, books, soul gems etc... There are also several 

unique items you can find. These include Captain Vlad's Shield, Axe, Mace & Helm. I have 

also included a glow in the dark tattoo as a preview to my upcoming sequel to Battle 

Tattoos. The treasures are leveled so players of any level will probably find something 


I made this mod because Oblivion has too few puzzles to solve. For the most part the game 

tells you exactly where to go & what to do. I also wanted to make a mod that increases play 

time gives players something extra to do when they get bored of doing quests & leveling up. 


extract the zip file into your Oblivion/Data folder
activate the esp file

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