Unenchanted Staves



Here's yet another quality mod from J3X. This time in the form of Unenchanted Staves!

It has eleven new staves, five of them with brand new models! But that's not all, you also get two magic orbs that you can use to enchant items, one being paralyze, and the other, reanimation.

You can buy these new items at Rindir's Staffs.

Make sure to read the readme, as there are a few conflicts.




      Unenchanted Staves
           by J3X

 This mod adds 11 new staves (5 have a new model) to your game!
 The staves are unenchanted and is two handed blunt weapons when you buy them at Rindirs Staffs. When you enchant them 
 (see below #How to enchant them) they will be converted into normal staffs.

 It also adds Magic Orbs you can enchant the staffs with. One for Reanimation and one for Paralyze.

How to get the items:
 You find the staves at Rindirs Staffs, Market District,Imperial City.
 You must buy the staves.
 The orbs are free to take in Rindirs Shop
 Buy the book at Mystic Emporium.

How to enchant them:
 Make sure you do exactly as the book say before complain about that it won't work!
 And make sure you have latest OBSE.

Things Needed:
 OBSE, newest version (atleast 1.1)
 Window Reflextions enabled in the grafic options menu. (not needed but the staffs look terrible without it enabled)

Conflicts and bugs:
 Will work with anything.
 "Spear mode" enchanting bug, re-equip the item and it will work!
 Don't run this with Sapphire, Ruby and Amethyst staff mod installed due it's included in this mod.
 Shader on the staffs look sometime bugged.

 If you have more bugs or conflicts to submit please contact me so I can fix them.

 Give credits for mesh, texture, icons, book and scripts. Feel free to include or edit, just give me credits for my hard work.
 Please mail me if you want to edit or include them in you mod so i know what things the staffs are used for.

Contact Info:
 E-mail: jex_mus [at] hotmail [dot] com
 Tessource: J3X
 Official Forum: Nib

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