Unfathomed Tower

Here is another mod by Trollf. This one adds a great Oblivion style house near Bruma. This one is an open tower which means that the tower s...

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File Description

Here is another mod by Trollf. This one adds a great Oblivion style house near Bruma. This one is an open tower which means that the tower shares a cell with the exterior cell, which allows you to experience weather inside the tower. Also as in other mods by Trollf, there are switch on/off lighting. It also contains a level lift like in oblivion towers. Also Trollf said that there are almost unlimited lighting sources, so you can costumes your lighting. This is a great house mod! Defiantly worth a download.


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Re-Upload Request Restoration

by Trollf
(3rd of July, 2007)

A little modification for
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game.

1. Description
2. Installation / Removal
3. How to play
4. Known Bugs /Issues / Compatibility
5. Credits / Contact



This is sort of a house mod for any type of character.
It adds an open tower located on the peak
south of Jerall Mountains and west of Bruma.

What does "open tower" actually means?
Unfathomed Tower shares its space with an exterior cell
in Tamriel World. This fact determines the light
and weather conditions inside the tower. You can see
sky with clouds, stars or sun through the top of the tower.
Fog, rain, thunder and even snow are possible here as well.

Other features:
- switchable lights (candles and fireplace),
- lift between levels,
- full weather cycle inside (the same as in exterior),
- surrounding reacts on weather conditions
(butterflies and moths don't fly during rain or snow,
central light beam visible only during the day,
mist in the gardens during the night, etc.)
- Weather Control Device (tm) ;] - sort of obelisk
with few switches and lever. It allows to change
the weather in the tower and its surroundings.
(transitions between various kind of weather are not
instant here but seamless, so be patient for a while ;]).
- lights galore! because of many various sources of lights
that are either static or switchable and dependant on time
or kind of weather, light-setups are almost infinite inside the tower.
Now you can have the home that will not look the same all the time ;]



- Copy 'UnfathomedTower.esp' and 'UnfathomedTower.bsa'
files to 'Oblivion\Data' directory,
- In oblivion launcher choose 'Data Files' from the menu,
and mark the checkbox close to file name you copied previously,
- Run the game.

- Just delete 'UnfathomedTower.esp' and 'UnfathomedTower.bsa'
files from 'Oblivion\Data' directory.



When you load a game check your map. Look slightly west of Bruma.
In fact, two steps south-west from the "B" letter in the "Bruma" name.
The tower should be marked there.



There should be no conflicts with other mods
until they change the same area.



Credits given to:
- Bethesda for such a moddable game,
- Qarl for some base textures.
- ORE community for great site, forum and competitions :]

If you have any questions, comments, etc. related to this mod,
mail me: trollf@gmail.com or drop me some PM (nick Trollf)
on official TESForums (http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/).

Last words:
This mod is being provided as freeware.
Please feel free to copy and distribute it
or change its content to suit your personal desires.
All I ask is that you don't claim/release it as your own and if you want
to use part of it give me some credit for what I have done.

Thanks, Enjoy!
And keep smile... ;]


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