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This mod is simply amazing. I have never enjoyed oblivion so much. I love riding through the ancient redwoods. The trees tower above the gro...


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This mod is simply amazing. I have never enjoyed oblivion so much. I love riding through the ancient redwoods. The trees tower above the ground at 200 feet tall. The flora is placed in perfect locations, providing a natural feel, and a good balance. Absolutely every factor of this mod is visually pleasing. The same goes for the technical side. I noticed no drop in my FPS count. I noticed no lag. Even low spec machines can handle it, and with ease might I add. This is definitely worth downloading.

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Download 'v1.4uniquelandscapes_ancient_redwoods_by_aelius.7z' (5.31MB)

The Elder Scrolls IV OBLIVION:

Unique Landscapes : The Great Forest : Ancient Redwoods : by Aelius
Diversified Environments

*** Version 1.4 *** 

New in v1.4 : 15% Larger Redwoods - Fixed Terrain Bugs and Ambience Mist

1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installing the plug-in
4. Playing the plug-in
5. Save games
6. Conflicts/Known Errors
7. Credits
8. Contact and Information
9. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer


Unique Landscapes
Diversified Environments

"Cyrodiil is more tactile to the senses than ever before. Featuring new unique sound FX, ambience and unique creatures in select areas."
A more varied, unique, diversified forest environment throughout Cyrodiil.
In some areas a denser and larger range of trees, bushes, shrubs and plants based on real environments. Unique areas like the 'Dark Forest, 'The Great Forest' and 'The Heath'. Imagine Oblivion Environments the way they were meant to be.

UniqueLandscapes is 'Modular' So you can Pick And Choose which Areas you install.

This plugin adds a dense Redwood Forest to the Great Forest, south-east of Chorrol. Additionally there are Kodiak Bears who inhabit the area featuring advanced AI. There are even families of Kodiaks. You'll see an adult Kodiak protectively accompanying its cub or cubs. You can chase the cubs and they will play around, while the parents will keep a watchful eye on them, making sure they don't wander too far! The Kodiaks are all harmless to you, unless of course you attack them. The Kodiaks have a sleep schedule too. They'll find a suitable spot, and they'll sleep soundly unless you or an enemy is nearby. Infact, we've included snoring sounds when the Kodiaks sleep too! They will awake if you come to close, but if you're quiet enough, you'll be able to sneak around them without waking them from their sleep. They also have a keen interest in berries which you'll see the Kodiaks eating occasionally. A Kodiak Den is provided, with a Kodiak family nearby. You can even use the den as a home if you'd like. It features a soft mossy interior with a log that you can sit on, aswell as sittable rocks along with a sleeping area. So you can nap on the soft moss!

* The Complete UniqueLandscapes Pack features Distant LOD

2. Requirements

The Latest Official Patch v1.1.511 if you experience Crashes to Desktop.


Place plugin file and all supplied folders into the Data folder of your Oblivion directory.

***You Can Pick And Choose which 'Areas' You Install***

*** Important 1 *** : To enjoy UniqueLandscapes we recommend The Latest Official Patch v1.1.511 : http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/updates_patches.htm

Please Follow these Instructions for Installation and Compatibility : http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/Oblivion_Mods_FAQ#The_Patch

*** Important 2 *** : If you are experiencing Crashes to Desktop (CTD) Please Load your UniqueLandscape mods right after the 'Oblivion.esm' using http://timeslip.chorrol.com/obmm_download.html (OBMM).

If you don't use OBMM, please download http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/filedatech.zip and set the date of the UniqueLandscape.esp to be earlier then any other mod.esp

Having Problems Installing? ReadMe: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=452801


From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the
Unique Landscapes Plugin/s.

Or activate in OBMM - Recommended (Please Read the OBMM Readme Supplied)

Recommended Load Order Example:

1. Oblivion.esm
2. UL mods
3. Unofficial Patch
4. OOO1.3
5. All other mods


*** Important *** : If you are experiencing Crashes to Desktop (CTD) Please Load your UniqueLandscape mods right after the 'Oblivion.esm' using http://timeslip.chorrol.com/obmm_download.html (OBMM).


Natural Environments Compatiblity:
After Testing the New Natural Environments 2.1.2, the findings are this: Natural Weather, Water, Habitat and Natural Vegetation 2.1.2 are completely compatible and highly recommended.

General Compatiblity:
OOO1.3, Francescos 3.0, Sagerblivs, Creature Continuum, Creature Intensity, Adrenaline etc, and all Creature Balance Mods are so far compatible. The only Issues that we are aware of, and will be addressing, is compatibility with mods that add new buildings and villages etc. Cell Conflicts are NOT a problem, but if you find a new building is clipping with our foliage, please contact us and we will endeavour to contact the mod author and arrange a compatible version of their Building/Village Mod. If you are using rain_nzs' DistantLOD mod, please install that first then install the UL mods over the top, this will overwrite any forts etc that he has added to the distantLOD, but we may make a compatible version at a later date


Credits: The UniqueLandscapes Team, Beta Testers (You know who you are), mmmp1d, KhadirgroGhurkag, Max Tael and all Forum Posters.


This can be found in the readme enclosed in the file. 


Please feel free to share the plugins. Just dont take credit for them! If you want to release so called 'bug fixes' and alternative versions or if you would like to create a Unique Landscapes Compatible Town or Village, please contact me - addiktive

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