Unique Landscapes: Beaches of Cyrodiil

The goal of Unique Landscapes is to diversify the entire environment of Cyrodiil. From the mythic swamps of the Blackwood, to the soaring he...


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The goal of Unique Landscapes is to diversify the entire environment of Cyrodiil. From the mythic swamps of the Blackwood, to the soaring heights of Stendaar Valley. They are all unique, diverse, and thoroughly employ the skills and talents of the Unique Landscapes modders. But what of the coast lines? They remain unchanged, unaltered, and unsatisfactory. While Oblivion is an amazing game, with stunning scenery, the beaches are dead, lonely, and thoroughly displeasing. That is where Unique landscapes: Beaches of Cyrodiil comes in.

The beaches of Cyrodiil were empty. I found my calling here. I set to work, overhauling the beaches. The beaches would be divided into three sections: The Lost Coast, the first release, would cover everywhere north-west of anvil. The Cliffs of Anvil, the second in the series, would have soaring cliffs flanking the south side of Anvil. The Topal Shores, the third release, would dramaticaly change the coastline south of the Niben, rebirthing Topal Bay completely, giving it life. Away with the bland, muddy shores of Cyrodiil. The diversified coastlines will become part of a huge movement to better the game-world of Tamriel. They will become part of a legacy of mods created to enhance the landscapes of cyrodiil, totaly altering the perspective of the player.

=The Lost Coast= The Lost Coast spans from Anvil, and continues on as far north as the Cyrodiil border. It is the first in the series of immense unique landscape mods. It can be broken down into 3 major segments:

Anvil Cliffscapes: The anvil cliffscapes are a precursor to the Cliffs of Anvil. They are the transition phase from the lost coast to the Cliffs of Anvil. At their highest point, they are nearly 60 feet tall, and are the home fo a vast ecosystem of plants and animals.

The Lost Coast: The wide, long strip of beach known as the Lost Coast is the crown point of Beaches of Cyrodiil: The Lost Coast. It is, in places, nearly 100 feet from the water to the end of the sand. It is littered with driftwood, and dunes. Although it is wide and open, you can't help but feel secluded from the world as you walk down the beach.

Oyster Bay: The old seaside town of Oyster Bay was once a prominant, wealthy town of pearl farmers. A long time ago, on a cold, foggy morning, a group of pirate ships came to this town, in search of its wealth. The town was overrun, and everybody was killed. The town was raided, the oysters were gathered for the pirates' continual use, and the buildings burnt to the ground. All that remains is a ruined town, and a few of the highly productive oysters.

Release Dates Projected release dates: Beta: October 31st, 2006 v.1.0: November 5th, 2006

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