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The aim of this mod is to fix the bugs existing in the official mods released by Bethesda. These fixed plugins use the ESP master (aka mod d...


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The aim of this mod is to fix the bugs existing in the official mods released by Bethesda. These fixed plugins use the ESP master (aka mod de-isolation) method which means you still need the original plugins for these plugins to work!

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NOTE: These fixed plugins use the ESP master (aka mod de-isolation) method which means you still need the original plugins for these plugins to work! The plug-ins are not a redistribution of modified original Bethesda plug-ins, but contain only changes and have the original plug-ins set as masters. Because of this, these are not standard plug-in ESP files. Merging, editing or otherwise modifying them using the Elder Scrolls Construction Set or other utilities may cause them to stop functioning or cause severe bugs in your game! These plugins MUST load after the DLC's that they patch; reversing this load order can cause Oblivion to crash on launch. (The self-installing and OMOD (courtesy of Abo2) versions will set the appropriate dates; use OBMM or equivalent if you use the manual version to adjust the load order.) Also the fixed plugins (other than Battlehorn Castle) are based on the official plugins from the Knights of the Nine retail CD and some of the plugins are slightly different from the ones from the online download; this means some of the fixes may not work and some bugs aren't fixed because they don't exist in the Knights of the Nine retail CD versions.

The UOMP is currently not compatible with the JOG's Official Plugins Unnerfed mod because it modifies the original Bethesda plug-in ESP files. If you use the UOMP overtop of Unnerfed, Oblivion may crash on launch. The UOMP is compatible with S.M. Plug-In Refurbish (move the S.M. ESP's after the UOMP ones with OBMM or equivalent)

If you find any bugs with the fixes or any bugs with the official mods themselves please report them to either of us.

Eleventh (and possibly final) Release

UOMP Changes
- Fixed UOMPIDWallAlcove01.nif missing from the self-installer version causing missing alcove tunnels in the Shrine of the Crusader

Battlehorn Castle bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
- Fixed the player always getting the Level 1 versions of Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark shield and the Dragonsword of Lainlyn if a new game is started with Battlehorn already present, or the level of whenever Battlehorn was installed on a current save; the shield will now be levelled appropriately to when the last upgrade is purchased and this will fix existing saves if it has not yet been retrieved, and the sword will be levelled to when the player enters the Grotto area the first time
- Removed mipmaps from the Dragon Sword icons ( ) as they caused the icons to blur if Oblivion was not set to Large texture size and the Construction Set to complain
- Fixed the label on Numbskin Mead wine so that it says this and not "Ice Nerveshatter" (which appears to have been the originally intended name as it's the name of the file)

Mehrunes' Razor bugs fixed (v1.0.2):
- Finally fixed the bug introduced by the downloaded version of Mehrunes' Razor where all Daedric War Axes "crumble to dust" when activated, as there have been no other different bugs found between the download and KoTN CD versions of the official plug-ins, and this change is compatible with both versions

Tenth Release

UOMP Changes
- Fixed UOPCastleCeilingLightMount.nif missing from the self-installer version causing yellow diamonds in Battlehorn Castle if the UOP wasn't present
- Really corrected the installer path for the fixed Vile Lair Chokeberry NIF file this time
- Fixed the version number on the Spell Tomes UOMP ESP (was supposed to be 1.0.1 not 1.0.0)

Knights of the Nine bugs fixed (v1.0.6):
- Closed a gap between a room and tunnel, and another under a misaligned column in the Shrine of the Crusader
- Aligned a flying Ayleid light fixture and its associated wall support in Vanua
- Closed seethrough gaps on the sides of the platform of the Julianos statue in Fort Bulwark and most of the gaps in the ceiling of the same room (the diagonals of the room pieces don't fit together perfectly)
- Fixed a flickering line on the Fort Bulwark puzzle room ceiling caused by overlapping pieces
- Fixed the last flickery overlapping triangle on the static Cuirass of the Crusader and optimized the mesh (109KB to 86KB)

Ninth Release

UOMP Changes
-Fixed the version number on the Mehrunes' Razor UOMP ESP (was supposed to be 1.0.1 not 1.0.0)
-Corrected the installer path for the fixed Vile Lair Chokeberry NIF file
-Upgraded the self-installer to Inno Setup 5.2.2
-The manual-install UOMP is now a 7-Zip (.7z) archive instead of a much larger Zip archive

Battlehorn Castle bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
- Fixed leftover "dirty" change to the Mystic Emporium (IC Market District) that cleared its ownership, causing it to never open
- Undid change (offering services was enabled) to default AI packages aaaDefaultExploreEditorLoc768, aaaEat12x2, aaaEat20x2, aaaEat8x2 and aaaSleep0x6 used by many other NPC's and possibly in mods; created new AI packages with services enabled and replaced the modified defaults in Battlehorn NPC's that use them
- Fixed Shagrol gro-Uzug offering paid training in dialog due to the change above only when eating lunch yet not being able to train and his training level being set to zero; made him his own eat package without Offers Services enabled as this is clearly erroneous and he trains by sparring rather than being paid
- Fixed the misaligned Havok mesh on the ramparts and roofs so that the player and NPC's don't hover over the surface, corrected UV mapping errors on the tops of three courtyard buttresses, moved the keep roof so that it doesn't stick through the rear wall, closed gaps between the keep balcony and wall, smoothed large wrinkles on the back wall of one of the keep roofs and optimized (deleted hundreds of hidden faces and welded vertices) the exterior Battlehorn Castle mesh ( FightersKeepCastle.nif )
- Battlehorn Castle will no longer disappear from the landscape when the player is distant or suddenly pop into view when being approached; set castle to viewable when distant, made optimized FightersKeepCastle_far.nif (492KB; original NIF is 2.19MB) and updated distant LOD for Tamriel cell (-22,24)
- Shagrol gro-Uzug will now hit the target when practicing his archery in the Battlehorn Castle Basement
- The middle section of the underwater stalagmites in the Grotto will no longer be invisible due to overlapping alpha channels; replaced with new item using mesh UOMPCPitFloor01A.nif without an alpha property
- Fixed the label on Sparkling Honeydew wine so that it says this and not "Sparkling Honeytongue" (which appears to have been the originally intended name as it's the name of the file)
- The exterior gatehouse trapdoor is now over the correct tower that the interior trapdoor is in (this will only take effect on a new game or if the location hasn't already been visited as load doors' locations are stored in the save)
- Moved all instances of CathedralCryptLight02FAKE ceiling lamps down and added UOPCastleCeilingLightMount.nif objects into the gaps to prevent them being twitchy in case the player has the UOP installed (which Havoks the chains; note that the lamps may stay in the same position if this location has already been visited)
- Enlarged the display cases in the Great Hall so that shields placed in them don't pop through the lid when the cell is re-entered (anything already in the cases may need to be put back in again)
- Fixed an overlapping ceiling lamp and chandelier in the Men-At-Arms quarters after the upgrade is purchased (ceiling lamp was not set to opposite state of enable parent and chandelier hanging rod was missing enable parent)
- Fixed two very twitchy hanging lamps in the North and South towers and one in the Gatehouse (this also will only take effect on a new game or if these locations haven't already been visited)
- The black screen bug should no longer occur in the Gatehouse if playing on an NVidia card
- Moved one of the upper-level chairs in the Great Hall so that sitting in it will work properly
- Cleared the erroneous ownership of two chairs in the basement that were owned by non-descript servants of Castle Anvil
- Attached a very noticeably flying and off-center wall-mounted torch to the wall in the vault
- Aligned a wall-mounted torch in the Great Hall clipping into a buttress, and another in the Grotto tunnel on a strange angle
- Replaced the plate and candle by Melisi Daren's bed with a static plate of candles, as the plate could be pulled out while the candle stayed hovering in place
- Grounded four candlesticks and a rug in the Private Quarters
- Grounded two floating trapdoors on the castle ramparts
- Moved/raised twelve rocks, three mushrooms, two shrubs and a tree buried or embedded when the land was raised and castle placed
- Moved seven trees so that they are no longer partially embedded in the castle walls
- Closed a see-through boulder and grounded a slightly flying shrub in the castle courtyard near the stables
- Aligned a misaligned stable fencepost
- Attached the lower section of ladder in the Gatehouse to the wall
- Removed the confusing fixed price of 3,000 gold for the Dwemer forge from the Note from Nilphas Omellian and journal entry as the price is not fixed (subject to markup, haggling, Mercantile skill and the base price is 1,500)
- Corrected spelling errors in the Taxidermy Needs List: "Deadroth" » "Daedroth" (two instances)
- Corrected typo in Lord Jaren's Journal: "necromatic" » "necromantic"
- Corrected typo in Battlehorn Trophy Hall receipt: "deliverered" » "delivered"

Knights of the Nine bugs fixed (v1.0.5):
- Corrected all the Knights both named and generic wearing light armor (KoTN cuirass and chainmail) and using swords and bows, but being members of classes (Knight, Crusader and one Priest) with no Light Armor or Marksman skill at all, or Blade skill in the case of the Crusaders, so their Light Armor/Marksman/Blade did not advance; created a new Knight Of The Nine class as a hybrid of Knight and Crusader with no useless skills from the other classes (ie Speechcraft and spell schools for which none of them have any spells) and placed them into that
- Fixed the blacksmith Sergius Turrianus not appearing in the Priory basement due to being enabled by dialog with Sir Thedret that could be missed; he now will be when Lathon arrives if he isn't already, and this will also fix existing saves
- The Sanctified Dead in chapel undercrofts should no longer attack the player just for having a weapon out
- Corrected Selene Duronia (replacement for Trevaia at Anvil's Chapel of Dibella) having ability to sell potions but having nothing to sell as has no merchant container as Trevaia also did, so removed selling potion ability (as was done in the UOP with Trevaia)
- Vanua (location of the Shrine of the Crusader) will no longer be missing its map marker
- Closed a large seethrough gap in each of the alcove tunnels in the Shrine of the Crusader (caused by reusing the tutorial dungeon assassin's alcove tunnel but without the secret door; new mesh without the doorframe UOMPIDWallAlcove01.nif was made and the tunnel section replaced)
- UI mods that show the player's next faction rank will no longer show "DUMMY" when the player has reached the highest rank of the Knights of the Nine and Nine Divines factions (the highest rank of the latter is inaccessible without mods)
- Grounded several carrot and lettuce plants, a hay bale, and a see-through underside tree, and deleted a stone wall post embedded underground (no walls were missing one) in the Priory grounds
- Realigned the Priory front door to close gaps around it
- Fixed one of the responses to the Prophet's question regarding worthiness (Arena Grand Champion) never appearing due to out-of-bounds faction rank check and added a couple of "By Azura"s to the text to match the audio
- Fixed a missing line of dialog for Sir Areldur (no audio or LIP) regarding the Gauntlets of the Crusader after they have been retrieved
- Corrected audio in a line of dialog from Silana Blandia (and other Imperial and Breton females) regarding the Mace of the Crusader where "Leyawiin" was instead present as "Bravil"

Frostcrag Spire bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
- Corrected Aurelinwae's (Mystic Emporium) inventory never resetting which eventually caused long delays bartering with her and bulked the savegame
- Moved the Frostcrag Spire map marker so the player is closer and not facing the wrong direction on fast-travelling there

Version History

Eighth Release (2007-July-05)

Horse Armor bugs fixed (v1.0.2):
-Rolled the Horse Armor patch back to v1.0.2 as the new one was causing Shadowmere to not follow anymore if armored after installing the UOMP

Seventh Release (2007-July-03)

Knights of the Nine bugs fixed (v1.0.4):
-Fixed the "sitting bug"; after the completion of the Knights of the Nine questline, the player will no longer freeze in place when sitting down or sit in midair away from the chair/bench
-Resolved incompatibilities between Knights of the Nine and Open Cities in Anvil; the Prophet, his bedroll, guards and listener markers will move to the correct locations shortly after the UOMP is installed if Open Cities is present (his listeners may sometimes face the wrong way due to engine weirdness, but this works as it makes them appear half-interested, and everything else should be perfect)
-Corrected oversight making it impossible to complete Master Restoration training after completing the Sword of the Crusader quest due to both Advanced trainers having died by this stage; once the player's skill is sufficient the training quest will start automatically (there are no suitable voice sets for the replacement Advanced trainers to have them or others offer the referral)
-The Prophet should no longer fail to deliver his sermon in the Priory Chapel and then talk to the player in The Blessing of Talos quest
-Rodgar's Helm will no longer hover in place and be impossible to pick up again if dropped (was using worn instead of ground mesh)
-Sir Amiel's key will no longer be a quest item stuck in the player's inventory after it is not required
-Fixed the relics' armor stand in the Priory Undercroft clipping through the static Gauntlets of the Crusader, and closed gaps (most noticeable on the right-hand one) between the static Gauntlets and the Cuirass
-Fixed unsightly flickering under the left arm of the static Cuirass of the Crusader caused by duplicate faces
-The Mace of the Crusader should no longer fall through the floor/ground when dropped
-In the Sword of the Crusader quest, if Sir Lathon is asked to wait he won't go into alert mode and pull his sword out unless he's in Underpall Cave (ie when he hasn't even left the Priory yet)
-Closed a huge hole in the exterior of Lord Vlindrel's Tower (-21,18) caused by a missing wall section
-Fixed two twitchy hanging lamps in the Priory Basement (this may only take effect on a new game if this location has already been visited)
-Followers should no longer get stuck in a column when the player travels between the Priory Undercroft and Basement areas
-Moved a slightly misplaced rubble pile hanging over steps and raised another at the base of one of the Guardian statues that was clipping through it in Fort Bulwark
-Closed gaps between the cave tunnel and underground structure in the Shrine of the Crusader
-Corrected the fix for Knights rumors appearing in the Shivering Isles by cleaning out SI-specific quest references in case the player doesn't have SI installed
-Corrected 16 typos/errors in dialog and journal text

The Vile Lair bugs fixed (v1.0.2):
-Fixed bug where Rowley Eardwulf would not have the Deepscorn Hollow upgrades available to buy if the player entered Deepscorn Hollow the first time without triggering a quest advancement (this will also fix existing saves)
-The Dark Minion will no longer permanently disappear when sent on a mission; if missing in an existing save he should return
-If the player leaves Deepscorn Hollow immediately after sending the Dark Minion on a mission, he will no longer get stuck and be unable to do any further missions
-Optimized Dark Minion scripting (removed unneeded variables, corrected timer variable type)
-If Rowley Eardwulf is eating (and thus won't barter) he will no longer greet the player as if he will
-Greywyn's Journal will no longer become stuck in the player's inventory if picked up (will also fix existing saves)
-The Raiment of the Crimson Scar will now be levelled to the player's level when it becomes available when all the upgrades are purchased, rather than when the Vile Lair plugin is installed or level 1 if it is present on a new game (this will only take effect on a new game if all the upgrades have already been purchased)
-The Crimson Eviscerator will now be levelled to the player's level when the player first arrives at Deepscorn Hollow, rather than when the Vile Lair plugin is installed or level 1 if it is present on a new game
-If the "cattle" prisoner is used for target practice, he will no longer freeze in place standing up, preventing feeding
-Optimized the quest's scripting as it was running ten times as often as needed
-Corrected off-center pathgrid nodes causing the Dark Minion to walk into a wall when sent on a mission (which could prevent him from ever leaving)

The Orrery bugs fixed (v1.0.2):
-The bodies of the bandits will no longer disappear before the player has collected all required artifacts from them
-The Dwarven artifacts collected for the quest will now have the proper icons, not that of a shield
-Fixed Bothiel saying that she is giving a reward for recovering the artifacts and then appearing not to
-Optimized the scripting for the artifacts so up to five useless GameMode scripts aren't running when the player has the items
-The phases of the moons Masser and Secunda shown on the Orrery control panel will now correctly match the observable phases of the moons; also optimized the scripting for this
-In the Mages Guild Necromancer's Moon quest, Bothiel will no longer say that the Orrery is in disrepair

Thieves Den bugs fixed (v1.0.3):
-Fixed quest bug where the player could enter the Smugglers' Cave initially without advancing the quest, which caused it to stall after all the skeletal pirates were dead (this will fix existing saves)
-If the (essential/unkillable) boar Bacon is used for target practice, he will no longer permanently attack the player
-Kovas Kren should no longer randomly fight other residents of Dunbarrow Cove
-The broken crate in the Captain's Quarters will now only be there before the upgrade is bought, instead of appearing afterwards
-Added missing parent master to the Sigil Stone Sound fix ESP so it should work properly now (fixes the middle deck of the Black Flag having a noticeable Sigil Stone sound constantly as the developers reused an Oblivion cell for it)

Mehrunes' Razor bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
-The player will no longer die instantly if the Daedric Banishing effect of Mehrunes' Razor is reflected (this was what was intended according to the scripting comments)

Spell Tomes bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
-Corrected the tome description and the magnitude of Fenrik's Welcome to open average lock as it is a Journeyman-level spell, yet was advertised to open hard locks, but would not open most of them

Horse Armor bugs fixed (v1.0.3):
-Armored horses will no longer stutter and turn when passing a corpse due to having corpse-checking enabled (the UOP will also fix the player's and all other horses as the player can steal any horse in the game)

Credits: AlienSlof - For help with icons

Sixth Release (2007-Apr.-08)

Knights of the Nine bugs fixed (v1.0.3):
-Added a condition check to all of the Knights of the Nine quests for Shivering Isles (like Bethesda did to all the other Tamriel quests) which will stop Knights of the Nine dialogue appearing in The Shivering Isles.
-Grounded a set of floating rocks and a bush in the wilderness (-48,-6) near where the new road was added from Knights of the Nine.

Fifth Release (2007-Mar.-27)
Horse Armor bugs fixed (v1.0.2):
-Fixed horses becoming unturnable once armored (accidentally broke them when removing the fix for hitting your horse).

Fourth Release (2007-Mar.-26)
Thieves Den bugs fixed (v1.0.2):
-Removed the Sigil Stone Sound Bug fix from the DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch.esp and put it into it's own esp (DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch - SSSB.esp) where it no longer causes the game to crash upon quitting Oblivion from the main menu.

Third Release (2007-Mar.-25)
Horse Armor bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
-Removed fixes for the hitting your horse bug (was fixed properly in the official patch v1.2.0214).

Thieves Den bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
-You should no longer get quest updates from the Arena quest with strange phrases in them.
-You will no longer hear a Sigil Stone sound in the "The Black Flag", the sound was caused because Bethesda re-used an existing interior cell (TestTimOblivionLords) for the "The Black Flag" and just deleted all the oblivion tower parts in it but unfortunately this caused the bug (all the Oblivion tower parts that where deleted where undeleted and marked as disabled instead which fixed the problem).

Knights of the Nine bugs fixed (v1.0.2):
-The blessing you receive from Sir Caius is now agility as his dialogue says and not personality (Sir Gregory already gives a personality blessing).

The Vile Lair bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
-Chokeberry will no longer have weight so you can actually reverse pickpocket it onto people like you can currently do with the Poisoned Apples.
-Chokeberry now has a warning so you can't accidentally eat it and die.
-Enabled "Disallowed Spell Absorb/Reflect" for the Sithis shine blessings.

Second Release (2007-Feb.-08)
The Orrery bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
-Fixed the The Orrery quest so it starts like all the other official mod quests (at CharacterGen 88 not MQ01 88).

Knights of the Nine bugs fixed (v1.0.1):
-ESP wasn't setup right so it caused Oblivion to shut down (sorry).

First Release (2007-Feb.-06)
Frostcrag Spire bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
-Atronach's will no longer follow you automatically when you create a new one if you had your previous Atronach set to follow.
-Fixed an out of place book in Frostcrag Spire (had no enable parent thus you could see it when you haven't bought the add-on yet).
-Added Ability to summon a new Atronach if it got lost/miss-placed, current one will be killed before creating a new one.
-Atronach's bodies will now fade away when they die just like when you dismiss them, this was done because it looks a lot better then the Atronach just "popping" away when you summon a new one.
-Fixed the weather outside Frostcrag Spire so it is no longer 100% thunderstorm.
-Atronach's will now appear on the center of their summoning circles.
-Aurelinwae will no longer get stuck behind the upstairs door in the Mystic Emporium unable to get out.
-Atronach's are no longer considered quest items thus they can now vanish if you tell them to wait and don't come back for 3 days, this was done because the game would become cluttered old disabled Atronach references.
-Flame Atronach Familiar now has an aware sound.
-Storm Atronach Familiar no longer produce a blood spray or blood decals when struck.

The Vile Lair bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
-Removed mipmaps from all icons because it caused them to blur badly if you're not running your game on max textures setting.
-Chokeberry now uses the correct icon also added the missing alpha to it.
-Purgeblood salts now uses the correct icon also added the missing alpha to it.
-Fixed items on the dinner table in the Vile Lair Bastion so they don't fall through it anymore.
-Added the missing level 5 version of the Crimson Eviscerator to the level list.
-Created a new mesh for the Chokeberry, no longer uses the blackberry mesh.
-Created a static torch mesh for the torches in the Deepscorn Cloister so they no longer fall off the walls.

Knights of the Nine bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
-Fixed the enchantment on the level 16-20 light version of Greaves of the Crusaders so it now uses the correct enchantment and not the cuirass enchantment.
-Fixed dialogue so you don't need to load Knights.esp last for it to work.
-Removed mipmaps from all icons because it caused them to blur badly if you're not running your game on max textures setting.
-Enabled stencilling on male, female and static Greaves of the Crusaders so the mesh was no longer invisible around the knee caps.
-Boots, Greaves and Helmet of the Crusader now have the correct Havok hit effect.
-The clouds in the sky above the Imperial City will now vanish/reappear appropriately related to the quests so Cyrodiil will no longer be menaced by the cloud "UFO".

Thieves Den bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
-Fixed Potion of Magnification level list so you don't end up with weaker versions of the potion as your level gets higher.

Mehrunes' Razor bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
-Fixed the level lists of Morag Tong Cowl, Morag Tong Boots, Morag Tong Cuirass, Morag Tong Cuirass, Morag Tong Gloves, Morag Tong Greaves, Bladeturn Hood, Spellturn Cloak, and Forgemaster's Amulet so you can no longer receive say a level 1 version of the item at level 20 which is in-line with how all the other levelled items work in the game.
-Msirae Faythung should no longer be unarmed when fought at a low level.

The Orrery bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
-Created a quest script to move Bothiel out of The Orrery to hopefully fix her being trapped in it. Her AI looks fine and no scripts move her around, my only guess about this bug is it is caused by using The Orrery on an existing game since Bothiel's starting position is different when The Orrery plugin is enabled.

Horse Armor bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
-Removed a chest which was added to the Cursed Mine Lower Galleries, an old useless item for the horse armor quest but never was implemented (added a little script to remove all Horse Armor Plans if you managed to get it since it's a quest item).
-All armored horses will now return their home when you get a new horse (just like the unarmored horses).
-Anvil White horse will now return its home when you get a new horse (original script got broken in Horse Armor).

Spell Tomes bugs fixed (v1.0.0):
-A random spell will no longer be added when loading a savegame.

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