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This mod is a joint effort by us to fix bugs currently existing in Oblivion v1.1.511, if you're experiencing a bug within Oblivion and it'...


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This mod is a joint effort by us to fix bugs currently existing in Oblivion v1.1.511, if you're experiencing a bug within Oblivion and it's not fixed by our mod please by all means report the bug to us in as much detail as possible so we can try fix it! If you find any: levitating trees or rocks, see-through or fall-through walls\objects or other stuff out of place, please let either of us know. To get the exact location, use the console commands sdt 0 and then tdt; please note the Cell (not PC Cell) and Pos values and indicate what's out of place. You can use tdt again to toggle the debug display off. Thank you and we hope you have a better Oblivion experience!

NOTE: Only use the Unofficial Oblivion Patch with the version of Oblivion is was created for! Using it on an older or newer version then v1.1.511 of Oblivion might cause more bugs than it fixes!

Notes\Issues -Any bound items on yourself when you activate this plugin will be removed, if you manage to get a permanent bound items somehow just open up the console and type "startquest UOPBoundItemFix" it will remove any bound items in your inventory. -The permanent infamy and fame change from the bound helmet\Gray Cowl of Nocturnal bug can't be undone unfortunately. The best thing you can do is load a game without the changes write down the right bounty, infamy and fame then load your bugged game save and use console commands to change them back to normal. -If you are stuck on the bloated float with the "crash bug" you'll need to load a previous save as the fix for it simply avoids the coincidental bug all together. -If you've already visited Fallen Rock Cave the roots will still be twitching, to fix them you'll need to start a new game unfortunately.

Installation (manual version) 1.) Extract "Unofficial Oblivion" into your "Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\" folder. 2.) Go to a new folder called "Unofficial Oblivion Patch" in your Oblivion folder. 3.) Find and run a batch file called "SetupUOP.bat". 4.) Follow it's instructions and you're ready to play the Unofficial Oblivion Patch!

Version History v1.0.0 First Release. (02/07/2006) -Equipping the better bows in the game (ie Glass and Daedric) will no longer crash the game to desktop for a small percentage of players. -Quest conflict between An Unexpected Voyage and The Elven Maiden quests will no longer crash the game to desktop. -The player should no longer become stuck in The Painted World at the quest conclusion of A Brush With Death due to Rythe never opening the portal. -Similarly, Velwyn Benirus should no longer fail to open the Benirus Manor portal in Anvil at the conclusion of Where Spirits Have Lease. -If the player accidentally (or purposefully) hits their horse and is seen by a citizen or guard, they will no longer be kicked out of one or more guilds and arrested. -The Rumare Slaughterfish in the Go Fish quest will now spawn properly, thus the quest will be much smoother and faster. -In the Information at a Price quest, telling Eridor about Bloodcrust Cave will no longer prevent the player showing proof that the vampires are dead to make the hunters leave Skingrad. -Roland Jenseric (Order of the Virtuous Blood) will now recognize and reward the player for Bloodcrust vampire dust. -The Thieves Guild Arrow of Extrication quest's associated Blood Price can now be paid to Armande Cristophe as indicated. -The quest conflict between Through A Nightmare, Darkly and the Bravil Recommendation will no longer occur; one quest will not start until the other is completed. -Ysabel Andronicus should no longer fail to recognize when the player has defeated Agronak Gro-Malog to become Grand Champion. -Faustina Cartia will now attack the player as she was supposed to at the conclusion of the Sirens' Deception quest. -Ganredhel's house in Cheydinhal should no longer be locked from the inside after the meeting with the Gray Fox at the conclusion of the Boots of Springheel Jak quest. -Several errors with Fathis Ules' (Thieves Guild fence) behavior have been corrected. -Staying at the Brina Cross Inn less than two days beforehand will no longer stall the Anvil Mages Guild Recommendation quest. -The player's battlemage allies in the Anvil Mages Guild Recommendation quest will no longer go into combat first and thus be attacked by Imperial Guards. -Hatred's Heart and Hatred's Soul are now properly flagged as magical/non-normal weapons (also corrected their names), and the Akaviri Warblade is also flagged as magical/non-normal. -The Mage's Staff of Telekinesis and Mankar Camoran's Staff now use the correctly levelled enchantments. -Bound items can no longer be kept indefinitely by the player. -Casting Bound Helmet while wearing the Cowl of Nocturnal will no longer permanently affix the changes to Fame, Infamy and Bounty to the player. -Artificially increasing Mercantile skill (ie through a spell) to 75 or over will no longer allow the player to invest in shops. -Skjorta at the Nord Winds in Bruma will now sell the unique Councilor's Hood item as she was supposed to. -Edgar Vautrine at Edgar's Discount Spells in the Imperial City Market District will now sell the unique Veil of the Seer item, and an assortment of scrolls and other items, as he was supposed to. -Hamlof Red-Tooth at Red Diamond Jewelery in the Imperial City Market District will now sell the unique Spectre Ring as he was supposed to. -Shum gro-Yarug (Skingrad Count's butler) is now flagged as essential so won't die falling off the bridge, and if he's already dead in an existing game he'll reappear in Castle Skingrad County Hall. -The surviving NPC's from Desolate Mine (Fighters Guild quest) and Bleak Mine (Malacath Shrine quest) will no longer reappear whenever the player is released from jail. -Seven types of interior light fixtures and one type of rock now contain proper collision data that was missing (objects would pass through them). -The exterior facade of six caverns will no longer disappear if custom textures are used. -The Bruma town wall sections now join properly without visible seams. -Arch-Mage Quarters drawers will no longer respawn with junk and eat the player's items. -Bound Cuirass and Greaves are now Light Armor to match the Boots, Gauntlets, Helmet and Shield. -The magical effects of the Mace of Molag Bal now last ten seconds instead of zero. -Seven types of axes are now properly categorized as blunt (not blade) weapons, as the rest of the axes in the game are. -The reach value (length) for seven types of two-handed swords has been corrected. -The reversed Greater and Grand Enchantments on Amulets of Reflection and Absorption, and Rings of Freedom, Nihilism, the North, and Retribution have been corrected. -The Ring Of Steelskin is now enchanted with Resist Normal Weapons as it was supposed to be, not Resist Paralysis. -The glow effect when teleporting through the Arcane University portal and other magical portals will no longer remain permanently affixed to the player, and will be removed if already stuck. -The Path of Spirit choice from the Oghma Infinium Hermaeus Mora quest reward now works properly. -Hauls-Ropes-Faster in Anvil will now offer advanced Athletics training as he was supposed to. -Demel's chest in the Vahtacen's Secret quest now contains the missing frost damage scroll. -Paint brushes no longer hover in place when dropped, fixed the collision data on all 7 types of paint brushes. -Paint brush jars' collision object has been repaired so they no longer swing back and forth.. -The texture of Imperial Watch Gauntlets is now properly aligned (Note that these items are not available to the player). -The player's arms are no longer invisible in first-person view when wearing Mythic Dawn armor also set them to use their already made inventory icons (These items are also not available to the player without mods). -Mage Fighter Greaves, the Cuirass of Battle and the Jewel of the Rumare can now be picked up again when dropped. -Three beds (including the one in the Imperial Trading Company Warehouse) now have correct collision data so can't be walked through. -The broken dining-room table in the Great Hall of Kvatch castle now also has correct collision data so can't be walked through. -The Ebony Blade will now appear to be held by the player at the right location, not on the guard (more accurately, tsuba) also corrected improved it's collision data from the re-alignment. -Lion Pelts are no longer invisible when dropped. -The passageway side of the secret door in Anvil Castle has a more noticable activator. -The following quest items can now be removed from the player's inventory when their quests are completed: Arrow of Extrication, Colossal Black Soulgem, Ring of Vipereye, Cowl of Nocturnal Notes, Waterfront Tax Records, Handwritten Note, Ultimate Heist Plan, Echo Cave key, Falcar's Key, and the Imbel Family Crypt Key. -The Diary of Springheel Jak will now properly advance its quest. -Scrolls of Drain Skill: Light Armor are fixed. -Sigil Stone effect levelling progressions are now correct. -Added missing collision data to a fort ruin wall section so player can no longer walk through a column and "fall out of the world". -"See-through" rubble outside of Fort Teleman has now been placed properly. -The player's residence in Bravil will no longer have a "red-icon" door indicating trespass. -The upper floor balcony door of the player's residence in Skingrad will also not have a "red-icon" door indicating trespass. -The fireplace in the player's Bruma residence will be lit as in other player homes. -Missing logs in the fireplace in Jearl's house in Bruma have been added. -The grey nothingness in the ceiling and floor of one of the Elven Gardens sewers has been filled in, an incorrect floor module replaced, and gaps of nothingness in the walls filled in. -The Bravil Skooma Den is now unlocked, so the residents (who don't have keys) aren't constantly trying to open the door. -Two misaligned fixture pieces in Vilverin Wendesel have been corrected. -Fixed twitchy tree roots in Fallen Rock Cave. -The Belda flying tree has been grounded. -The Imperial Reserve and Dark Fissure Cave flying rocks have also been grounded. -A slightly flying mushroom outside Doomed Cave has been grounded, and its neighbour half-in a rock moved. -Garus Derellian will no longer give unlimited copies of Ulrich Leland's key. -Several greetings by being made random (as they should have been) will no longer stop other random greetings from occurring. -Imperial City townspeople will no longer say that Amantius Allectus was murdered during the first Thieves Guild quest if he wasn't. -Imperial City townspeople will no longer continue to say that Hieronymous Lex wants a bounty put on the Gray Fox after he's been reassigned to Anvil. -Imperial City beggars will no longer have the "Finding Jakben..." topic after he's found and the quest completed. -Only the residents of Cheydinhal (instead of everywhere else) will have rumors about the tomb there after the third Thieves Guild quest. -Tyrellius Logellus' body no longer will persist when the Two Sides of the Coin quest is completed, nor Kurdan gro-Dragol's after the Caught in the Hunt quest, nor Jearl's after the Spies quest, nor Glarthir's after the Paranoia quest. -Fixed 'outtake' version of female elven "I heard that thieves broke into the Arcane University, the Imperial Legion Compound, and the Temple, all on the same night!". -Fixed Tolgan's line about the Countess' hours of holding court being out of synch with the subtitle and what she actually does. -Gundalas at Best Goods and Guarantees in Leyawiin will now sell the items he was supposed to.

Credits The NifSkope Team - big thanks for this very awesome tool that helped us fix quite a few problems with some of the Oblivion nif's. brash - for discovering what caused the Crash-On-Bow-Equip and the work around. Johnny - for his FathisFix mod. dung_beetle - for the simply Mythic Dawn armor fix.

And a big thanks to everyone who reported bugs or sent in bugged gamesaves!

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