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This mod is a joint effort to fix the vast amount of bugs currently existi...

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This mod is a joint effort to fix the vast amount of bugs currently existing in Oblivion v1.2.0416, fixing over 1,600 bugs so far! If you're experiencing a bug with Oblivion and it's not fixed by our mod please by all means report the bug to us in as much detail as possible so we can try fix it! Also if you find any: levitating trees or rocks, see-through or fall-through walls/objects or other stuff out of place, please let either of us know. To get the exact location, use the console commands sdt 0 and then tdt, click the item, note the Cell (not PC Cell) and form ID value (the eight hexadecimal digits at the top, ie 00123ABC) and indicate what's out of place. You can use tdt again to toggle the debug display off. Thank you and we hope you have a better Oblivion experience!

Warning: Only use the Unofficial Oblivion Patch with the version of Oblivion is was created for! Using it on an older or newer version then v1.2.0416 of Oblivion may cause bugs or things not to be fixed that were advertised as such!

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UOP v3.0.0 and higher fixes numerous weighting errors with stock clothing and armor. If you're using customized wear for non-stock bodies (ie Robert's, Exnem's, etc.) that replaces the original meshes, use the manual install version UOP to avoid overwriting custom clothes, or back up the meshes in the Clothes and Armor folder, or reinstall your custom clothing meshes afterwards. 
UOP v3.0.0 and higher fixes the Arch-Mage, Black Hand, Mage's and Necromancer's Robes and the lowerclass Green and Tan robes not sharing normal maps which changes the texture path for these robes; if you're using a retexture of any of these robes you may have to avoid installing or delete the UOP NIFs for them (check the ReadMe for the names.) 
If you use Qarl's Texture Pack III with the UOP, after installing the UOP, install dev_akm's QTP3 UOP Compatibility Patch which integrates the fixes to the NIF meshes in the UOP with the changes introduced by Qarl's. 
The player statue fix will only work on new or existing un-bugged games. If your statue (at Bruma's north gate after the Great Gate quest) has already died, disappeared, or just doesn't look the way you want it to, Quarn's Update My Statue mod will restore your statue and/or allow you to customize its appearance. 
The Unofficial Oblivion Patches fixes a few textures and to get these fixed textures to appear in-game you'll need to use ArchiveInvalidation; we recommend using ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated! 
Unofficial Oblivion Patch includes fixes for custom races starting a new game and also for the Boethia shrine quest so you should not use other custom race fixes in conjunction with the Unofficial Oblivion Patch or no custom race fix will work. 
To get the benefits of the reduced file sizes of many optimized meshes making load times better, it's suggested to defragment your hard disk after installing the UOP. A highly recommended and free utility is AusLogics Disk Defrag. 
Highly recommend to uninstall the Unofficial Oblivion Patch before installing a new version (isn't necessary and won't cause bugs if you don't just it clears away some old unused files Unofficial Oblivion Patch no longer uses). 
Using other fix mods with Unofficial Oblivion Patch may cause some fixes not to work at all or break it even more, search the version history to see if we have already fixed it or ask us before using other fix mods. 
Any bound items on yourself when you activate this plugin will be removed, if you manage to get permanent bound items somehow just open up the console and type startquest uop and choose the option to remove any bound items in your inventory. 
If you are already afflicted with the permanent infamy, fame and bounty change from the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal it can't be undone unfortunately. The best thing you can do is load a game without the changes write down the right bounty, infamy and fame then load your bugged game save and use console commands to change them back to normal. 
If you are stuck on the Bloated Float with the crash bug with the Elven Maiden quest running concurrently you'll need to load a previous save as the fix for it simply avoids the coincidental bug all together. 
If you've already visited a place with "twitchy" roots they'll be still twitchin', to fix them you'll need to start a new game but it's only a very minor problem and not really worth restarting over. 
All changes to load doors (such as the Bravil Skooma Den door being permanently locked) may not take effect if you have already visited their locations before installing the Unofficial Oblivion Patch as load doors' locations are stored in the save. 
If you use Thieves' Arsenal, some interior chain lights fixed to swing by the UOP won't swing as Thieves' Arsenal has its own set of meshes for them (and other formerly swinging lights) to enable the Water Arrows to work. UOP-fixed external angled chain lights and large cathedral lamps will swing; Thieves' Arsenal did not change those.

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