Unofficial Oblivion Patch Hotfix

This hotfix resolves the crash on load with Unofficial Oblivion Patch v2.2.0 or newer when loading a save that used a previous UOP.


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This hotfix resolves the crash on load with Unofficial Oblivion Patch v2.2.0 or newer when loading a save that used a previous UOP.

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Unofficial Oblivion Patch v2.2.3 ESP Hotfix Plugin (2008-Feb.-23)
by Quarn and Kivan

To use, simply extract the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp in this archive into the Data folder in your Oblivion folder with UOP v2.2.0 or v.2.2.2 installed. Replace the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp that is already there.

This hotfix resolves the following problems:

- Crash on load with Unofficial Oblivion Patch v2.2.0 when loading a save that used a previous UOP. Only about 0.3% of people experienced this problem, and it does not affect new games. The cause was tracked down to edits to Anvil's Chapel of Dibella while Knights of the Nine is present. Surprisingly, there are no conflicts in this cell shown; the crash could not be recreated on any of the sent save files, and the edits were just deletions and moves of invisible light sources that were not even changed by KoTN. This file eliminates those edits to this cell.
If this doesn't work and the game still crashes on load of the save, there are two options:
1) Move "Knights.esp" to be before the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp in the load order, so that your load order is KoTN->UOP->USIP->Other mods including official DLC's->UOMP (Unofficial Official Mods Patch.) IMPORTANT: If you haven't done the KoTN questline yet, the UOMP or another dialog fix for KoTN is required, as there is a bug with KoTN where essential dialog topics don't appear if it isn't loaded last. You can use OBMM (Oblivion Mod Manager) or File Date Changer to change the load order. Don't worry if the Last Modified date is before Oblivion.ESM or another ESM; ESM's are always loaded first.
2) Uninstall UOP v2.2.0 and reinstall UOP v2.1.2. Links to the older version installer are present in the UOP's pages at PlanetElderScrolls ( ) and TESSource ( )

- Being expelled from the Fighters' Guild at the end of the questline (the Hist quest) due to killing Maglir. The UOP fixed a bug with Maglir not being removed from his city factions, which could cuase his death to be counted as a murder if the player didn't wait for him to attack first. Unfortunately, there's a bug with the SetFactionRank script command and setting an NPC's faction's rank to -1 (which pulls the NPC out of the faction) appears to toggle the internal flag of whether they are in it, while still leaving their rank at -1 as if they aren't. So Maglir was still counted as being in the Fighters' Guild. This update resolves this.

- Ownership problems with the Bloated Float after quest completion. The CellPublicFlag was not being set so the player was not able to sleep there after the quest was completed; this did not interfere with the quest.

For any further issues, please visit the official forums' Mods forum: and you'll usually find the UOP thread on the first few pages.

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