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To save you reading, this is not a storyline driven companion. This is not a companion you can start a "romance" with. She's not a compani...


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To save you reading, this is not a storyline driven companion. This is not a companion you can start a "romance" with. She's not a companion with tons of dialogue. What she is, is a companion, period. She IS set to essential.

You will find Valeria hanging out by the Wildeye Stables outside of Bruma. After your initial chat, you'll get the Combat Style selection menu.

Your choice of combat style, determines what class Valeria will be. Specific classes are determined by a random number roll, but the result will be a class that fits the combat style you selected.

After her class is determined she is assigned equipment and/or spells based upon her class, and she will open her inventory up so you can adjust it to your liking.

If Valeria is the healer class, she will heal the player when the player falls below 50% of their max hitpoints. This takes into account if your health is modified by something like armor. So if you're wearing something that boost your health 20 HP.. for example 100/80 HP.. She will heal you at 50% of the 100 HP, rather than your base health. The level of her heal spell is based on the max HP of the player.

If there's things you would prefer to do without Valeria, you can do one of three things. 1. You can use the "Go Home" dialogue option to send her to any of the stock Oblivion houses you own.

2. You can use the "Go to an inn/tavern" dialogue option to send her to 5 different inns/taverns Olav's Tap and Tack in Bruma Cheydinhal Bridge Inn The King and Queen Tavern in Imperial City Three Sisters Inn in Leyawiin The West Weald Inn in Skingrad

3. You can set a home waypoint and have her return to that point at a later time (Available through the travel options dialogue menu). This is useful for modded houses. This is based on modification of Timboe's Mark and Recall mod.

Valeria comes complete with horse (located near Wildeye Stables in Bruma). You can tell Valeria, via a dialogue option, if you want her to ride her horse or follow you on foot(you can of course change your mind at any time). She will auto mount/dismount her horse when you mount/dismount your horse. If you had her set to follow on foot and are halfway across the map and decide that you want her to ride her horse, then she'll call for her horse, but it's on a travel pack so it's going to take a LONG time to get to her.

Oblivion Gates - Before you go in a gate, you drop a "safety marker" via a dialogue option. Before you grab the Sigil Stone you send her back to her safety marker, again via dialogue. She'll be outside the gate waiting for you, with no equipment loss, etc.

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