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During my first time around the game I played a vampire and found them very annoying to play. The annoying 4 vampire states and feeding syst...


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During my first time around the game I played a vampire and found them very annoying to play. The annoying 4 vampire states and feeding system were bad, real bad. I found myself sleeping 4 days in a row jus to get my vampirism100 so i could go quest, but then i had to get back to 25 and it was a pain anyway.. i hated it

SO i made an other system.. from scratch. basicaly it adds a couple of new features and modify the existing one in a more realistic and more fun to play fashion.

Features 1.0

-New system to turn into a vampire: When you get infected you start loosing str agi and endurance every hours. When you are almost dead and defenseless you turn into a vampire. Why? because you are infected with a disease that transform your system into living dead. I always though it would be a painful process that wouldn't happen overnight.

-Your vampire stats now raise with you as you level up. wich means that staying a vampire for a long time is very rewarding. If you for instance stay a vampire for 4 levels you will learn how to by using your life essence (blood) turn yourself human (somehow) for 60 seconds, allowing you to travel in the daylight and not be attacked by guards. i'm also looking around to understand how to make the npcs fear you and stop talking to you, but i havnt figured it out yet.

-After 4 levels of being a vampire guards will arrest you on sight.. you will have the option to pay gold (4000) or jail, but its not suggested since they will still run you up right after and ask 4000 again.. in other words jus resist arrest. Also trying to understand how they did with the gray fox cowl so only resist arrest was available.

-5 vampirism states (25,50,75,100,200) each gained after a certain amount of level you stayed vampire.

-Vampires are a lot dammaged a lot more by fire over time, but much more resistant to normal weapons.

-Vampires are always dammaged by the sun. The only way to avoid the sun dammage is to use the vampire deception spell you will gain later on (4 levels)

-9 unique spells that does not use magika. on the other hand tho they will damage your health. so keeping health potion is pretty useful. The spells are -Vampire kiss (charm) -Blood eye (nightsight+detectlife) -Vampire deception (remove sundamage and bounty) -Unholy speed (Super speed for a short period, good for travelling or chasing feeling enemy) -unholy strength (strength bonus) -Fog form (100% chameleon for 15 sec at the price of a lot of health. useful in combo with fear of the night spell for a fast and easy kill) -Fear of the night (5 sec paralyse + demotivate) -Blood ritual (Trade hp for mp. very useful spell for casters with the astronach birthsign) -Embrace (painfull attack)

-Blood hunger system! Each hours you loose 5 hp that you cannot get back by healing. only feeding on someone sleeping will get those health points back, feeding also give you a bloodlust status until the next hour. wich is very short unless you have a lower timescale. But be warned that setting the timescale to 1 would clearly unbalance this since the bloodlust is very strong since it last very short.

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