Vampirism Obliviated

Vampirism Obliviated ----------------------------------------- by PxlBuzzard MOD STATEMENT: ---------------- This mod erases al...


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Vampirism Obliviated ----------------------------------------- by PxlBuzzard

MOD STATEMENT: ----------------

This mod erases all of the vampire spells and effects within Oblivion that act upon your character, and works whether or not you are currently a Vampire.

Specifically, this mod erases the spells that make you into a vampire, such as vampirism25-100, the attack and defense bonuses, and sunlight damage, so that you can still become a vampire again if you disable this mod.

INSTALLATION: -------------

If you don't have earlier versions of this mod:

Unzip the .esp file to the data folder located in the same folder as oblivion.exe. When you open oblivion click the data files button on the opening interface. Check the box labeled Vampirism Obliviated.esp.

COMPATABILITY: --------------

This mod should be compatible with any other mods that don't change any vampire settings. Has not been tested with OOO or any large mods like that.

FINAL NOTE: -----------

This is very likely the only version of this mod I will ever release unless something weird is discovered.

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