Vanilla Armor Revamped - Daedric

V.A.R. - Daedric.zip —


Mesh replacer for daedric armor and weapons that makes them a lot better without the hassle of an esp for maximum compatibility.



Do you want a complete overhaul of your daedric armory? But all you see when you search are skimpy ones? Or simply your just feeling kinda lazy to search a ton of mods?
Well, This mod combines some of the best replacers I found here in the nexus (atleast in my opinion) so if you like it, make sure to endorse the original mods that I listed below and give kudos to the original creators.

Daedric Armor - Male
Vanilla Gear Redux by Myst42 aka ElAlquimista

Daedric Armor - Female
Very Daedric Armor by movomo
(uses the non-skimpy version so if you want the skimpy one, I suggest downloading the original mod)

Daedric longsword, dagger, and claymore
Daedric Blades Remodel Replacer by yuravica

Daedric Bow
Nicoroshi Creations by Nicoroshi and Hortik
(Uses bow of thorns as the replacer)

HGEC and Robert's Male Body Replacer.
Custom Skeleton (Universal Skeleton, Coronerras etc.)

Extract the files to Oblivion/Data/.

Simply remove the files associated with this mod.

Refer to the drop-down box above.

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