Werewolves: The Curse of Hircine

No more pining for Bloodmoon for you! That's right, this allows you to become a werewolf. In my opinion, Bethesda were silly to leave these...


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No more pining for Bloodmoon for you! That's right, this allows you to become a werewolf. In my opinion, Bethesda were silly to leave these beasties out of Oblivion, and finally a polished mod has been released to fix that mistake.

I personally intend to use this, and advise you do too.


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Download 'beta_3werewolves_the_curse_of_hircine.zip' (18.29MB)

Werewolves: The Curse of Hircine Beta 3
By The Werewolves: COH Dev Team
2.What's New in Beta 3
4.Mod Description, mechanics, and story
5.Known Bugs
6.Credits and Contact
Extract to your Oblivion/Data directory. Keep in mind this mod requires
OBSE, which you can find at http://obse.silverlock.org/
If you don't use a nothump mod, you WILL hear annoying thumps regularly with this mod.
Install nothump if you don't use Mighty Magick, and MM nothump if you use Mighty Magick
-Howling: You can now howl at the moon!
-Feeding: Feeding has changed massively, now using a key and an animation
-Two Werewolf Keys: B and C.
 -The b key will allow you to feed if standing near a recently killed body, and howl at the moon if you aren't
 -The c key toggles night vision
-New Models: Uses the Lycanthropy V2 models by Jcarl
-Werewolf Variety: Now werewolves will have different coat colors, and you can choose your own color
-Hand Placed Werewolves Spawns: Now werewolves will spawn like normal creatures, without conflicts or savegame bloating
-Hand Placed Werewolf Hunters: Now werewolf hunters will spawn like the above werewolves and hunt em down
-NPC werewolves the player has infected only join the player if their disposition is > 80
-NPC Werewolves will howl on their own, adding a bit of ambience to the game
-Ever so small (3 points) restore health effect as a werewolf in place of a fortify health effect

Throughout Tamriel, a plague has stricken the people. Created by Hircine,
the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, it's victims have been transformed into half-men, half-beast.
The most common form of this curse is the werewolf, a being well known to every man and feared
to the utmost. There is no pity for a werewolf in Tamriel, especially not in Cyrodiil, which,
until shortly after the fall of Red Mountain, was plagued by these beasts. When the Nerevarine
took on Hircine and banished him to Oblivion, something happened. The werewolves began to
avoid civilization. Some said Hircine's call, during the Bloodmoon, drew them to the island
of Solstheim. Others believe Hircine dragged all but a few to his sphere to prepare for the next
hunt. Those with wishfull thinking imagined them extinct. But now they have returned to
Cyrodiil to once again plague it. Is it due to the will of Hircine, or have they always
been lurking in the shadow?

This mod adds werewolves and the ability to become one.
Werewolves will only appear at night. Hunt down
the werewolves to obtain rare ingrediants, or get bitten and become one

To become a werewolf, pick a fight with one. Keep getting hit until
you get the disease Sanies Lupinus. Now, you have 3 days to cure this
disease, or it becomes permanent. Should you not cure it in 3 days, you
will turn into a werewolf according to the phase of the moon.

As a werewolf, you'll find gameplay will change a lot. Regularly, at night, you'll
become a werewolf. As a werewolf, you'll find yourself a lot stronger,
faster, and tougher. However, you'll also find there are some severe dis-
advantages. First of all, you cannot cast spells that require magicka
as a werewolf, and you cannot use any armor or weapons while in wolfy
mode. You will end up with a damaged willpower as well.
Also, you'll find yourself overcome with bloodlust, which drains
your stats until you feast upon a corpse. Unless you have a willpower
greater than 80, you'll have to feed upon an NPC corpse. With a willpower 80 or greater, you can get
away with creature corpses as well. However, should you fail to remove your lust by the end
of the night, you will face penalties until your next transformation, when you must feed again.

In addition to the bloodlust, you'll find that people don't like werewolves
much. Guards will attack on sight, as will most npcs. You'll also
want to make sure you transform away from civilization. If an npc that
is not in trouble with the law (any non-bandit, conjurer, dark brotherhood
member, etc) sees you transforming, they'll try to report your true
nature. They'll either stay and fight you, screaming the truth, or
run for the nearest other person.
You have 180 seconds to successfully kill them before the truth gets
out. Should you fail, guards will attempt to arrest you in your human
form. If you hide out for 15 days, people will forget you are a werewolf, however.

You can also infect NPCs. Be careful, as infected npcs will not always
want to join you in the hunt (they must have a disposition greater
than 80 to join you).
-B and C Keys are not terribly responsive
-Graphics for claws occasionally seem slightly off
-Howling needs a new animation

The Team:
-Cid88 (Mod Lead, Scripting)
-KCat (Scripting, Beta Testing, generally awesome, and more)
-Jcarl for the werewolf model
-Shadow, who is working hard on interiors for future betas

Other Contributors:
-Cryo for letting me chop up his claw models for my own use in previous betas
-Personman for a brilliant solution to a nagging problem I had

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