Wizard Hats & Eyeglasses



Are you a full fledge wizard!?! Wait, you can't be without this mod, because as everyone knows wizards have those pointy hats and nerdy glasses (some with lighting bolts as well). This mod allows you the ability to buy hats in Black, Aqua, Mage Green, Red, White and Blue colours. On top of that this mod also allows you to decide if you want to buy glasses with it. Customize your wizard today. On top of all that you can buy the hat with a hair colour that matches your characters. Although this mod has some minor problems (see readme) it looks really good.



Wizard Hats & Eyeglasses V1

Creator: Jannix Quinn	

This adds some Wizard Hats and glasses into Oblivion in a variety of colours to match the existing robes.

The colours are-

Black, Aqua, Mage Green, Red, White and Blue.

The best thing to do is buy your hat in the colour of your choice, with or without glasses, and by it with the hair colour that best matches your character.

Extract this archive to your Oblivion/Data directory. Then be sure to
activate the mod from the "Data Files" section of the Oblivion launcher.

In the Arcane University Garden, from a mage/salesman named Zandoz the Magnificent.

Maybe some more styles, and some improvements... providing I can figure them out. :/

I'm not a ninja master at this stuff, I'm learning as I go.  These things are giving me problems right now-

1. The hats would stay glowing blue when you went through a teleporter or added an enchanted item.  I guess its something to do with the UV mapping or something, which I am yet to understand.  I fixed it with a work-around by disabling the 'shockshield' effect on teleporters and some persistant glow effects. 

2. I don't know how to make hair look as good as in the game. Ideally, the hat would be in an amulet slot or something, but I don't know how to do 'bones' and such.  At the moment, the hair is in the 'hair' slot, with a variety of hair colours attached as part of that model.  This means you can't have hair that matches the exact shade of your character's hair.  I got around this by providing hair in the colours black, brown, blonde and grey.  If you're one of these anime freaks who have pink hair... sorry.  Maybe later.

3. The light hits the hats a little strangely. Again, I think its those pesky UV maps. It looks ok, just not perfect yet.

4. Because I changed some of the persistant glow effects, some things may conflict if they use them.

Use it however you like, I only ask that you give me some credit if you do.

Please don't needlessly complain about the things I've mentioned, I'm fully aware of the shortcomings and are more annoyed about them than you are. I'm a beginner. If you can help with the problems, that would be great, but please keep the instruction level at 'useless noob' so I understand what you're talking about.

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