Interview with Nehrim

GamesModding.com recently interviewed Benni and Dennis of the mod Nehrim. Nehrim was nominated for best upcoming mob 2008. link: http:/...

0 14 years ago
Interview with Sheogorath concerning his new mod 'Otherworld'

I am happy to announce that Sheogorath (mad_griffin) is almost ready to release his latest mod, [i]Otherworld[/i]. When asked to write a gen...

0 15 years ago
Interview with Bethesda Developer Joel Burgess

You can find an exclusive interview with Bethesda level designer Joel Burgess [url=http://z6.invisionfree.com/Silver_Rose_Studios/index.php?...

0 16 years ago
Bethesda Announces Plans for New DLC mod

Saturday- While interview Pete Hines, he let slip plans for a new DLC mod that will add the much needed horse combat and crossbows to the ga...

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Modder Interview #3: Martigen

[b]Hello Martigen, thanks for joining us![/b] Hey, thanks inviting me and bringing the beer. [b]My pleasure. So, can you tell us about...

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Elder Scrolls Files - Modder Interview #2 - Aberneth

[b]Hello Aberneth nice of you to join us![/b] Hey! It's great to be here. Call me Nathan if you'd prefer [b]So, could you ...

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New Knights of the Nine Interview.

Killer Betties talks to Pete Hines about the Knights of the Nine quests, characters, weapons and more. [quote] 10. The press release al...

0 17 years ago
Elder Scrolls Files - Modder Interview #1 - Grimdeath

[b]Hello Grimdeath, welcome to TESFiles.[/b] Hello TESFiles. [b]1. The "Myths and Legends Weapons" mod is one of the most popular on t...

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