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This file allows you instantly add a quantity of the most used potions within Skyrim, meaning you never have to worry about having enough he


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File Description

This file allows you instantly add a quantity of the most used potions within Skyrim, meaning you never have to worry about having enough health, stamina or other potions. You can also sell the potions to traders to easily make money. If you're interested in a more relaxing, story based gameplay experience without, this mod is for you.

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This is a port of my oldrim mod to SE

Please note - you can edit this batch file yourself with a simple text editor. If you just want extra cash, I recommend just adding several hundred "Potions of Ultimate Healing". You can simply delete the other lines from the batch file and include the line player.additem 39BE5 300 (where 300 is the number you wish to add - you can change this to 3,000 if you wish).
When selling the potions, it's useful to have a mod like Master Trader SE to boost the amount of cash that merchants have. This will save you a LOT of time.

Description / Instructions

Fed up of running around in Skyrim trying to find all the potion ingredients or potions you need, or cheating the hard way looking for console codes and adding them one by one. It takes forever!
Now you can cheat the easy way just by typing one console command - great for when you've played Skyrim several times and you just want an easy life! Or if you set up multiple profiles with mod organizer and want to progress quickly. As an added bonus if you find you have too many potions you can sell them to merchants, make loads of money and buy Skyrim!

Simply copy the file into your Skyrim directory (where you installed Steam - not the data directory as you would with normal mod files). Then open the console by pressing the tilde key (`) and type in the command bat AddPotions
Now you have most of the potions you will need to get you through. It takes a minute or so to add all of the items to your inventory. If you need to add more, just type the command again. If you don't like the quantities added by this mod, just edit the text file and include however many you need of each item, or add new items - using a semicolon before a command will remove the item (it will just be treated as a comment instead of a command).


AddPotions      - adds potions in the following quantities...

Quantities Added
2 Blacksmith's Elixir
2 Enchanter's Draught
2 Enchanter's Elixir
2 Enchanter's Philter
2 Enchanter's Potion
1 Falmer Blood Elixir
2 Philter Of True Shot
1 Philter Of The Phantom
5 Potion Of Prolonged Invisibility
2 Potion Of Alteration
10 Potion of Cure Disease
2 Potion Of Cure Poison
10 Potion Of Ultimate Healing
10 Potion Of Ultimate Magicka
10 Potion Of Ultimate Stamina

Using mod managers
If you use profiles with Mod Organizer, don't put the file in the profile folder, just the main Skyrim folder. I don't think any mod manager will install this for you - you have to do it manually! If someone knows how to get a mod manager to do this please feel free to edit at will...

Shouldn't clash with anything as far as I know - these files don't use any resources or scripts and aren't installed like normal mods in the data folder so they shouldn't cause any problems. It should also count as an extra mod you can have without adding to the limit that mod organizer can handle!

Nothing as far as I know - please let me know if this mod crashes your game, causes glitches in the matrix or steals your girlfriend. 

Please let me know if there are any items you feel I've missed.

Simply delete the files and refrain from using the bat command anymore. Alternatively, delete the files, use the bat command and ponder why it's not working.

Feel free to copy, hack, exploit, edit, reverse engineer, infringe copyright (there are none) upload to other sites, or do whatever else you want with the files, with the exception of charging for them or uploading them to a site that will charge for them. These files are free to anyone and everyone who wants them!

Bethesda, Steam, Nexus - you rock!

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If you can't get them to work, please read the instructions again. It's not too difficult. 
Other mods on the way - please check my page for new and exciting things to make Skyrimming easier!!!

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