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With this mod you can freeze other enemies in time, and unfreeze them when you wish, with no limits to the freeze length. The mod also inclu...


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With this mod you can freeze other enemies in time, and unfreeze them when you wish, with no limits to the freeze length. The mod also includes variations to freeze only certain character types so it has various different uses. 

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Download 'Time Lock-19795-1-0.zip' (41KB)

This Mod adds spells that allow you to freeze targets in time and then unfreeze them
whenever you want. Inspired by a spell in the mod Lost Grimoire of Skyrim.

8 spells have been added:
1) Time Lock: Freezes a target in time for a very long time(long enough to call
it forever)
2) Time Free: A spell to unfreeze your target to let them enjoy normal life
3) Time Lock Enemies: freezes nearby enemies
4) Time Lock Allies: freezes nearby allies
5) Time Free Enemies: unfreeze nearby enemies
6) Time Free Allies: unfreeze nearby allies
7) Time Lock Plebs: freezes nearby plebs in time, useful so that they don’t get brave and attack
a dragon in front of you with a fork and get in the way of your swing.
8) Time lock Plebs: unfreeze nearby plebs because countries need them to get back to work.
2 Powers have been added:
Time Lock Everyone:like the original spell in the original mod… but with a large area
Time Free Everyone: Unfreezes everyone nearby in a large area.

I did borrow the script for the original time lock spell from Steelfeathers
Lost Grimoire of Skyrim and made a few tweaks.. for some reason I kept the
name  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60796.
Now I will warn you of a couple bugs

1) sometimes when you use the time lock spell you will end up walkingthrough the npc and be able to do nothing to them not even free them
SOLUTION: use console commands and either disable/enable them again (removing
the affects of the spell) or resurrect them, and there is a possible chance
that you can find their invisible real body somewhere so you can cast the time
free spell at it (hoping to fix that)  Partially fixed, most of the times the invisible bodies are now only about a foot off.

2) sometimes the target is immune to time lock
SOLUTION: just wait until their are done doing/talking, it seems like when certain npcs have important scripted conversations or actions they will become immune until it is over like when the whiterun guard tells the jarl about the dragon in the beginning of the game. FIXED BUT BECAUSE OF THIS FIX SCRIPTED CONVERSATIONS MAY NOT FINISH BUT THERE IS AN EASY FIX, JUST TRY TO TALK TO ONE OF THE CONVERSING NPCS THEN LEAVE THE CONVERSATION AND IT SHOULD FIX IT…
MORE TESTING IS NEEDED (That is where you guys come in).

Some idiot tried to burn these books in a forge in Riverwood... pfft idiot,
magic books don't burn by ordinary fire, though the blacksmith has mentioned
that his forge started to burn hotter slower than normal.
4 more books have been spotted in a forge in Whiterun, I guess the idiot
thought that it would burn in a famous forge.
The last 4books have been found on a burnt corps in front of high Hrothgar. The idiot
must have used every inch of his mana to burn the books and ended up burning
himself…. Emperor Qin Shi Huang would be very disappointed since the idiot couldn’t burn a single book.

QIPYA (Questions I Predict You'll Ask)
Q) What is with the lack of picture?
A) Kinda hard to take a picture that points out how npcs are trapped in time

Q) Why is there no video? no video then I won't download!!!
A) Well I decided to upload this mod after only getting 4 hours of sleep andwhile it is currently 12:30 AM of the following night!! Maybe you can be nice
enough to upload one for me?
Offer still stands for someone to make a video, with university starting to get tougher as
time passes it will be hard for me to make time for a video.

Q) when will the next spells come out?
A) IDK let me get some much needed sleep and then maybe I can let you know
A) Now that I got my much needed sleep I can resume working more details in the
comment section hopefully last 4 will come out in the weekend.. hopefully..
A) All spells and powers are now released.

Q) Will there be more updates?
A) Only bugfixes and minor changes when requested/needed

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