Religion mod for Skyrim gets a major update

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Religion is one of the most popular mods for Skyrim currently out there, and it makes the role of the Nine Divines, Daedric Lords and Constellations in Skyrim much more prominent. Committing crimes, the way you behave in quests, and even the items you carry all have an influence on how the various Gods in the game see you.

Should they approve of your deeds, they'll bless you and grant you favours, but should they disapprove, well, you may very well incur their wrath - and now the mod has had a major new update which brings even more new features and enhancements.

The mod allows you to pray to the various Gods and Ancient Spirits via a shrine or a lesser power that a God may gift you. You are able to ask them for guidance, or some kind of assistance, or even repent your sins for misdeeds done.

Finding out which actions please or displease various Gods will require in-game research, from some trial and error to reading books within the game to discover their traits. The more in favour you can get with various Gods, the more perks you will get, such as new spells.

Of course, fall foul of the Gods and you could find yourself facing the opposite, such as a decreased health bar, or slower regeneration of health, magika or stamina, for example. It can get more interesting, though, as some Gods may put curses on you, one amusing example being you'll end up wanted for every single crime committed in Skyrim.

You can check the mod out now for Special Edition and regular Skyrim here and here respectively.


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