Ride Through Skyrim like a Hells Angel With This Mod

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

If horses just aren't quick enough for you, why not traverse Tamriel with 500 of them instead? That's what this new motorcycle mod for Skyrim Special Edition brings to the table, and in true Dwarven style, it actually almost fits the lore. Almost.

But not that I'm nitpicky about such things - the Dwarven have advanced technology, after all, even if pneumatic tyres seem unlikely. The good thing though is that you can optionally decide to have it sound like Dwarven steam technology, making it more lore friendly, or you can be silly and choose the Harley Davidson route.

It's an insanely quicker way to get around Skyrim, so If you're up for exploring then it's a great mod to install, and the best bit is it can't be destroyed like your typical horse either. One weird oddity however is the bike does sometimes take on a mind of it's own and try to attack enemies - clever folks those Dwarven. Or perhaps the horse AI is just too difficult to suppress...

So if you're interested in riding across Skyrim with the wind in your hair, you can grab the mod from NexusMods here, and there's even a version for traditional Skyrim too, if Special Edition isn't your bag.


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