Skyblivion's Environment Update Teaser shows huge progress

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

If you've never heard of Skyblivion, it's a total conversion mod that brings The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to Skyrim, with some pretty spectacular results, and the team have now released a new environmental update trailer which shows the progress their making and the enhancements made to the original environments.

The team have not just been working on doing a direct port to the more advanced Skyrim game engine, they've also been enhancing the terrain, objects, buildings, weapons, armor and even more, and the results look pretty spectacular, as the trailer shows;

The mod has been in development for some time, and while there's no release date confirmed, there's been a lot of progress demonstrated over the last few months, as the trailer above shows. The mod will be compatible with Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition, but will require all of Skyrim's DLC. You can follow progress on the mod on the official Skyblivion website.


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