Skyrim mod adds Bethesda.net login box

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

When the original Doom trilogy of games was released on mobile and consoles during QuakeCon, many gamers were a little perplexed and even upset that Bethesda were forcing them to log into Bethesda.net to play, despite the games being single player games, two of which from the MS-DOS era. As such, the whole affair has become a little bit of a meme, and now you can have a Bethesda.net login box on Skyrim too, thanks to one modder.

The mod is named the Immersive Bethesda.net Experience, and brings the true joy of trying to connect to the online service in a single-player only game. The mod will pester you to connect to the service - and repeatedly fail - preventing you from playing the game, ultimately kicking you back to the main menu after five attempts.

Of course, you wouldn't really want this mod other than to appreciate it for what it is, a joke, but it's also making a serious point, too.

Forcing players to connect to the internet to play any single-player game, especially one as old and intrinsically important as the original Doom titles, is a pretty worrying move. Servers don't stay online forever (try finding any website from the year Doom was released, you won't find many, if any) - imagine if the original game had this restriction. Would we ever be able to play it again? Would it have simply been lost to time?

You can show your support for the mod, and more importantly, the point it is making, by downloading it over here for the original Skyrim, or here for the Special Edition.

The good news is, apparently Bethesda are planning to make the connection to their service optional for the Console and Mobile ports of Doom, thankfully.


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