Skyrim Together brings Multiplayer to Closed Beta Soon

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Skyrim multiplayer has often been the dream of many fans, and while The Elder Scrolls Online sort of fills that void, one team has been working hard to bring a solid multiplayer experience to The Elder Scrolls V.

Named Skyrim Together, it allows up to eight players to co-operatively play together through quests or to just explore the realm of Skyrim. The closed beta starts soon, and it's exclusively available to Patreon backers, but don't worry as an open beta is planned in the not too distant future after.

There's a few drawbacks currently, as Dragon encounters are removed due to issues, and many quests, being designed with single player in mind, can be easily abused or broken altogether, so it requires some self control on the team's part to avoid any nasty bugs or issues in that regard.

 But if you're up for some multiplayer fun within Skyrim, this is a mod to watch. Stay tuned to GameFront for more news and developments on Skyrim Together as they are released.


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