Skyrim Together Mod Team Recieved Death Threats

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

We reported on the controversy surrounding Skyrim Together back in April, when they found themselves embroiled in a code-theft controversy with SKE (Skyrim Script Extender). Now the team have gone on record to state that they've been receiving a torrent of abuse, including death threats, from the modding community.

Yamashi, one of the modders on the Skyrim Together team, stated that they were mistaken to say they "don't owe the community anything" and that the comments made were "poorly written and as a result of a lot of pressure and frustration" - which is in many ways understandable in the situation, rightly or wrongly.

The worrying element is the campaign of abuse and harassment since this happened, with multiple death threats being made. Yamashi has stated he has reported these death threats to the authorities.

We know that you are most likely trying to help, but this isn’t helping...our work on this is very irregular, with people maybe not being able to work on the mod for weeks, and then suddenly having full weeks to dedicate to the project. Yamashi’s comment was targeted at the minority of people who were aggressive and toxic, if you are not harassing or making demands, this comment does not apply to you.

In addition to the death threats, many community members have been hitting hard at the team with demands to open source the project or make updates on a weekly basis. The mod is having to have significant chunks re-written, now the use of SKSE is completely prohibited.

The mod is still put back to "when it's ready" status as of writing, but the team are looking at releasing regular beta builds, although these will be very buggy and unplayable.

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3 years ago by Mr. Matt

This is why modding and money should never mix. The developers are idiot amateurs, the fans are idiot amateurs, and money makes idiots do and say stupid things. It's as lethal a combination as the phrase "YouTube celebrity".