Click n' Fire Spells Collection

CNF Collection.zip


This is a collection of small mods that allow you to cast the Fireball, Firebolt and Heal spells simply by clicking, removing the need to hold down your mouse button to cast the spell. It makes tactical combat a lot more fluid and makes spell casting much easier and enjoyable to use. This is a collection of 3 mods compiled with permission and originally hosted at this link.




This mod aims to make some spells click n fire instead of holding. As of right now, the Heal II Spell has been tweaked. More are to come


Changes the cast time of Heal II from 0.5 > 0.0
Click one button and it will fire the spell


- Skyrim 1.9.32 (LATEST)

...No DLCs required

Load Order

Allow LOOT to sort it for you


Should be highly compatible since this mod only changes one setting but if there were an error to occur, please state it in the comments so it can be fixed quickly


1. Download mod using a mod manager (Try ModOrganizer)
2. Install.
3. Activate the esp(s).
4. Done!


1. Download Mod...
2. Extract .esp to *Skyrim*\Data folder from the folders in the mod
3. Activate Mod
4. Done!


The mod does not use scripts therefore it should be safe to uninstall but I do not provide support for it and I am not responsible if anything in your save file breaks. BACKUP!

1. Unequip all spells and go to an area where no spells are being cast
2. Save the game.
3. Remove the mod.
4. Done!


1. Delete old version of the mod(s)
2. Install newer version over old version.
3. Done!


- Make other spells Click N Fire
- Combine all ESPs into one
- FOMOD Installer

I may need to use a plugin merger to combine them all-in-one since changing the cast times of multiple spells in one ESP does not work :(

Skyrim SE

I cannot run Skyrim SE, my PC cannot handle it. It crashes too much for me and I do not like that. I would happily port this over SSE if someone would test it and see if it runs well.


Credits for the mod go to its original mod maker. Feel free to do anything you want with this mod as long as you give proper credit and if you are going to upload it on another website, put the NexusMods link with it.

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