Skyrim Configurator

The Skyrim configuration tool is a QT-based GUI to edit the configuration files of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Also the preview works only...

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File Description

The Skyrim configuration tool is a QT-based GUI to edit the configuration files of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Also the preview works only for 13 options at the moment, but that will change in the next versions.


Just unzip and run the application.

If an error shows up make sure to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.(


Q: How does the Preview function work?

A: it's just showing screenshots with the setting applied



-added Grid loading sliders

--added preview for grids

-added Tree load distance sliders

--added preview for tree loading

-added Grass density sliders

--added preview for grass density

-added Quest markers/floating Quest markers checkboxes

-added Compass checkbox

-added General/Dialogue subtitles checkboxes

-added Sun shadow update time slider

-added Sun update threshold slider


-changed the way how new keyvalues are created(doesn't automatically throw all new ones into Skyrim.ini), because it seems like it does have an effect(thanks to Apprentice Harper for pointing that out)


-added savegame manager(change savegame folder, backup/restore savegames)

-added more preview images

-changed distance limits back to 10,000

-fixed a bug which set all LOD sliders to 1 instead of using the values in the ini files


-removed "Use 3.0 Shaders"

-removed "Use 3.0 Fog"

-removed "Dynamic Window reflections"

-removed "Grass Shadows"

-removed "High Res"

-removed tab "Sound"

-removed tab "Keyboard"

-added "advanced" options to enable advanced options

-added "restore old config" button to restore configs

-implemented backup system, saves a backup file everytime before new values are saved

-added "threaded" checkboxes

-added several tool tips

-added Water multi-sampling slider

-fixed save path corruption


-fixed preview


-fixed shadow resolution slider


-initial release

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