The Forgotten City Coming to PC & Xbox Late 2019

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We've covered The Forgotten City in the past, from it's beginnings as a rather spectacular mod for Skyrim, which lead to it being the first mod in history to win a Writers Guild Award, to it's evolution into a full-fledged, stand alone game.  Well now the team behind the project have announced that the new, stand alone game will be coming to PC and Xbox One late this year, and they've also released a new trailer to go along with the announcement.

The stand alone game, understandably, has stripped away the Elder Scrolls lore and setting that the original version of the mod was set in, due to copyright concerns. Instead, the new game will take place in the Roman period, with focus on the history of the Roman Empire, fresh new story elements, and new gameplay additions .

The team also confirmed that a new, orchestral soundtrack would be created to complement the change, and although the core story premise remains, expect some changes over the current Skyrim mod. Nick Pearce, the writer and creative director of the game explained;

When designing The Forgotten City, I wanted to respect players’ intelligence and grant them autonomy in solving the mystery. Mind-bending time loonetouch, fully realized NPCs with interwoven lives, and themes rarely touched by games set The Forgotten City apart from other narrative adventures.

So for fans of Skyrim, and the indie / modding scene in general, this is one development to watch, from a team who have already proven themselves as able to create some fantastic work. How will the mod fare the transition to fully fledged game? Only time will tell, but this one certainly has the chance to be something pretty special.

Keep an eye on the team's official website here, or follow the game on Steam here.


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4 years ago

Looking really nice, I know the creator of this well and he is a perfectionist so expect greatness.