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Action Revenge Orig Music

This is a little piece of music with a total length of 48 seconds. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it


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Action Ninja vs. Ninja Cyborg

Don't expect this to be deep..or even have a plot.. It's just a ninja from the past and a ninja from the future fighting in the present.


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Action Attack of the Robots

An exciting film about robots attacking the city. It's pretty long, funny, but still actiony. Made with the Stunts & Effects expansion...


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Action Hitman 47 visits Aunt Jemima

Agent 47 is given his most taxing assignment yet: Visit Aunt Jemima. Made with the Stunts & Effects expansion.


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Action Hit and Run

FREE-CAM IS SOOO COOL. A sniper takes out a police captain and thinks he can get away with it. The voiceovers didn't turn out too well but...