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Costumes Purple Towel

A purple towel costume. To install place in lionhead studios/themovies/data/textures/costumes


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Costumes Vampire Dress pack

A pack of vampire dresses. To install place in lionhead studios/themovies/data/textures/costumes note: you will probably need to change...


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Costumes Waitress Costume

A great little Waitress costume, to install place in lionhead studios/themovies/data/textures/costumes


Costumes Lara Croft Costume

This is a great Lara Croft Retexture of the 90's Beach Outfit. Perfect for Action Movies


Costumes New FraasMovies Costume Category

>>> Fraas Movies Costume Mod


Costumes TMV Logo

If it already different Logos have, then pays attention to the number at the end of the file, which they do not occur twice sequentially....


Costumes Star War's Mod

- 4 costumes - 1 backdrop Install: Copy the data folder into your movies directory! (Program Files\Lionhead Studios Ltd\The Movie...


Costumes Jacket

This is an awesome Jacket with a cross and dragon on the back. Perfect for a cult or rebel to wear!


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Costumes Warrior

Installation: Unpacked the DATA file with WinRar into the The Movies listing (e.g. programs \ Lionhead of Studios Ltd. \ The Movies \)...


Costumes Servant dress and Knight

Includes a backdrop and 2 costumes, see screenshots!


Costumes Red Ghosts

Well this costume is of a redghost fits well with a horror story looks cool as well.


Costumes Santaclaus

This costume is very Christmasy, it looks ok despite it not being an overwieght santa thats how we all imagine him, but otherwise its fine a...


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Costumes New Suits

Well the new suits do look very cool and very proffesional as they really work well if your having a very "Proffeisional" game.


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Costumes Emmy's Dress

Please install to the following: c:/programfiles/lionsheadinc/themovies/data/textures/costumes. Use at your own risk! Not responsible for...


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Costumes Novelty see-through The Movie Files shirt

This is a little shirt that I just wipped you for TMF Files. Well to tell the truth this is my first mod I've ever made for The Movies ther...


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Costumes Aulu Soldier

Well actually this reminds me of one of the gaurds they have in England near Buckingham Palace with those red gaurds maybe you could use the...


Costumes Costume-Golden Robot

Well what do we have here, a golden robot more like C-3PO from star wars a great character and costume to have in your Sci-Fi movie adds up...


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Costumes Sci-Fi Star Wars Trooper Pack

Well this is a great star wars trooper costume pack, it has mostly all of the designs for the troopers and is cleverly well thought out, so...


ADULT 18 and OVER The Movies Go Nude

This is a mod for The Movies the will make it able to have NUDE sims/stars. In game (after you've installed it) go to makeover room and sele...


ADULT 18 and OVER Better Nudes

Extract to your game dir: C:\Program Files\lionhead\The Movies\Data\textures\costumes If it asks to replace a file, you'll have t...


Make-up Gloves costume

>>> Fraas Movies Gloves costume


Make-up Devil Make-up

>>> Caystarz Devil Mod


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