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Other "End Section 2" Music

Here is some music called "End Section 2", it could be music for the end credits of a film. It could possibly be some action music, howeve...


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Other Drama Music #2

Some soothing drama music for you to use in your movies. Do check it out. Total length is 1 min 9 seconds.


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Other Drama Music

Very touching drama music. You should download this and give it a go!


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Other Desert 1

Soothing music for you to use in your movie!


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Other End Section

Not quite sure how to describe this piece of music. It's a bit drama-like but nothing else springs to mind so perhaps that's the best way...


Other Weird Music

I really duno how to describe this. It kinda sounds like the music out of a 70's porno (no offence to author).


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Other Fallen Music

Here is a short piece of music called the "Fallen", a very interesting piece of music that could do well as an opening sequence to a video...