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Props HERE sign

>>> "HERE" Prop


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Props Weapons Package

This package of weapons contains swords, and other melee weapons. Great for a war movie. All props are created by Onald and Skin shack...


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Props OvalOffice

With this prop your office will look like the OvalOffice


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Props Castle Library

This will create a completely new set: a castle library.


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Props Castle Wall

This will create a completely new set: a castle wall.


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Props Castle Dungeon

This will create a completely new set: a castle dungeon.


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Props Castle Bedroom

A comfy looking bed in a nice bricked wall room.


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Props Castle Cellar

A dark, gloomy cellar, maybe for some Horrors and action!


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Props Castle Bedroom 2

A nice fancy castle bedroom, perfect for some great Romance films!


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Props Hell Gate Prop

English: >>> FraasMovies Hellgate Mod > FraasMovies Höllentor Mod


Props Future Cop Car

Adds a Futuristic Cop Car prop into the game. You may need some skillz to get this to work as its not done for you like other things


Props Cabin

>>> Fraas Movies Cabin Mod


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Props Picture Pack

A pack of prop pictures which seem to make movies have some class


Props Tent

>>> FraasMovies Tent Props


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Props Sleeping Cabin

>>> FraasMovies SciFi SleepingCabin


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Props Bullet Train

>>> Transrapid by Juice and FraasMovies


Props Child Prop - Male

>>> Childprop


Props Miss Liberty

>>> Miss Liberty prop


Props Pool Props

>>> Poolprops


Props Fence (wood)

>>> Fence (wood)


Props 80's Library

A retexture of the school library set


Props Horror Child Prop - Female

>>> Horror Child Prop


Props Sci-fi Wall

English: >>> Scifi Wall


Props SewerProp2 + Manhole

English: >>> SewerProp2 + manhole