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Sets Grave Yard Set

Complete new graveyard set that will not retexture the old graveyard.


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Sets Living Room Set

Adds a new Living Room set, and Bookshelve prop. This will not retexture the old living room. The sofa is now red.


Sets Volcano Set 2

Part 2 of TempleoftheGods volcano package. This is another great set for what ever movie you want to make.


Sets Volcano Set 1

Part one of TempleoftheGods volcano set package. These are new sets so they don't retexture any old ones. Great for a horror, adventure, or...


Sets Macrosoft Office - Blue

This is a well made Macrosoft office, also comes in red and green. Looks very futuristic.


Sets Macrosoft Office - Green

This is a well made Macrosoft office, also comes in red and blue. Looks very futuristic.


Sets Macrosoft Office - Red

This is a well made Macrosoft office, also comes in blue and green. Looks very futuristic


Sets Sewer set

>>> Canalisation set and prop


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Sets Chick's Apartment Set

A set of a chicks apartment. Mainly a bed in the middle of a room.


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Sets Red Corridor set

This could be used as the entrance of a building, or in a horror movie. Anyway it looks great.


Sets Medievil Bedroom

This is the bedroom in medieval ambience. This set goes along with a medieval city backdrop(day & night)


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Sets Hell Beach Set

>>> FraasMovies Hell Beach Mod


Sets Near Future Cellar

*** Near Future Cellar Set by Rik Vargard *** To install, just extract th...


Sets Hell Bar Set

>>> FraasMovies Hell Bar Mod


Sets Hell set

>>> FraasMovies Hell set Mod


Sets Sci-Fi Bombed Street

>>> Fraas Movies Sci-Fi bombedstreet


Sets Modern Bar Set

>>> Fraas Movies Modern Bar Mod


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Sets White Stage

A white stage for use with your more ethereal movies. Stars gain experience for the sci-fi genre when practicing on this set. Will not overw...


Sets Future Tents

This is a great set i have tried this out myself and it gives you the effect of a great military effect on the sets, its basically a militar...


Sets New living Room 2

>>> new living room 2


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Retextures The Golden Library

This is a reskinned library that uses some modified versions of Lionhead's textures as well as some new textures. Some may refer to this se...


Retextures Near Future Library

The library set retextured in the Near Future ambient.


Retextures Near Future Saloon

The Saloon has had a renivation into the near future style.


Retextures Near Future Corridor

This is the corridor retextured in the usual "Near Future" ambient. This mod goes along with 5 props to personalize the set!


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