Castle Bedroom 2

A nice fancy castle bedroom, perfect for some great Romance films!


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A nice fancy castle bedroom, perfect for some great Romance films!

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Retexture by Patella.


Copy all of these files into their respective folders in
C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios Ltd\The Movies\Data

If a folder does not exist, create it exactly as the file 
structure displayed here.

The EASIEST thing to do is to use the extract button in your favorite
compression program and NOT drag and drop.  If you extract, and maintain
the directory structure, everything will automatically be put into the correct
folders and you can drag and drop THOSE into your "The Movies" installation folder.

If you already have some of my other sets installed, this may overwrite
some of those files.  That's OK.  I try to reuse files as much as possible.
However, you might want to double check that these do not overwrite OTHER
mod files.  Use at your own "risk".

This will create a completely new set.

Camera flybys and lighting included -- lugs left out cause they're just huge...

I DO NOT require any credits if you use these sets.  I know that the last thing I want to do is figure out who I need to credit in my own movies and don't want to force others to do the same.  If you like the sets, and find that they're useful, do me a favor and watch some or all of the movies I have online.

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