Castle Wall

This will create a completely new set: a castle wall.


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This will create a completely new set: a castle wall.

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Retexture by Patella.


Copy all of these files into their respective folders in
C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios Ltd\The Movies\Data

If a folder does not exist, create it exactly as the file 
structure displayed here.

This will create a completely new set.

Camera flybys and lighting included -- lugs left out cause they're just huge...

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the meshes used to create some of the sets, some effects and scenes DO NOT WORK on some, or all, of Patella's castle sets.   I made a choice to use "broken" sets in order to remove extraneous set dressing -- like modern electric lights.  If you need a door scene on a set where they're broken, I suggest using the supplied textures and re-texture the working set and then editing accordingly.  Or, you can wait a short while for me to do the re-texturing myself on "modern" castle sets.  I apologize in advance if this causes you grief.
* Bedroom -- Doors do not work.  Lighting only effects actors.
* Cellar -- Lighting only effects actors.
* Dungeon -- Cell doors do not work.  (Lighting works fine.  Main door works fine.)
* Front -- Lighting only effects actors.  (Doors work fine.)
* Library -- Doors do not work.  Lighting only effects actors.  Mesh tweaks textures near ceiling.
* Wall -- Everything's OK.

Finally -- I DO NOT require any credits if you use these sets.  I know that the last thing I want to do is figure out who I need to credit in my own movies and don't want to force others to do the same.  If you like the sets, and find that they're useful, do me a favor and watch some or all of the movies I have online.

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