DTS- TheMovies Hell

DTS- TheMovies Hell is a mod that will make the game a lot easier and less stressful on the player. When your star wins an award, the player...


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DTS- TheMovies Hell is a mod that will make the game a lot easier and less stressful on the player. When your star wins an award, the player will receive a huge bonus. All the staff and move crew experience will be at 100 percent; this includes the players' writers and scientist writers. Stars will now get 100 percent experience when they rehearse on a set. Every time you start a new game, you will receive one billion dollars when you start a game. No more letters and all of your staff will now work for free. When your staff are converted into a star, you will receive 1 dollar short of 1 million dollars.

There is just way to many changes to be listed all here; check the Readme for the full list. This is worth a download if you are struggling to get by in he game and want to have some fun. Although, that said, this might make the game boring for you as everything you need is given to you.

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Download 'dts_themovies_hell.zip' (342KB)


	** DEVIL TRIGGER'S : ( the movies ) hell ***



"no body is allowed to modify the content of this file"

for education perposes only ...

installation :

just extract the content of folder named ( data ) to 
( [localDisk]:Program FilesLionhead Studios LtdThe Moviesdata )
when a message appears click on ( yes to all )


description :

each .ini file has diffrent effects on the game ...
here is all of the efects :



huge award bounse :
youll get a huge bounses when your studio/star win's
an award or more ...  



staff and crew experience :
all of your staff and movie crew experience will be 100%

writers and scientist WRITER:
all of you WRITERers and scientist WRITER will be 100%

100% set REHEARSE experience + instant (set rehearse) :
now your stars will get an instant 100% experience 
when they rehearse on a set . 
* example : when a star REHEARSE on a ( wiled wiled west )
set they get 100% ( action ) experience .



game start funds :
you'll get 1,000,000,000$ when you start a new game .


letters :
no more letters


fast forward boost :
super " fast forward " :clicking the fast forward button
will speed the game x8 times more .


instant build and repair :

builders will build and repair stuff instantly .


* staff salary :
staff will work for you for free ...

* staff converted to a stars :
when you convert(turn) one of your staff into a 
star(actor/director) you'll get 999,999$ .

*staff & crew minimum experience :
staff & crew minimum experience will be 100%


smoking :
no more smoking


stars :

*stars won't dislike worse trailer .
*stars won't dislike staff job .
*they wont dislike other actors or directors .
*they will love releasing movies .
*they will like all of the paparazzi photos .

	stars salary :
	  your stars will be happy with a 6$ salary ,
	  but make sure that you give all of the stars
	  the same amount of money , cuz if you didn't
	  they'll get gealous of each other ... and 
	  you'll messup the whole thing . 



no more litters



money for scripts :
now you'll get 999999$ just for writing a new script .



no stress ot boredom  :
stars won't get stressed out or bored ...



paparazzi madness:
alot more  paparazzi will gather around your studio gate .

paparazzi effect :
now , paparazzi will have alot more effect on stars .



very high movie quality :
you'll get a very high ( final movie quality ) when you release
a movie ( even if you made a really really crappy one ) .


tested and 100% working

[ mode ] was made by : DEVIL TRIGGER

all rights reserved (@) DaRkGaMeS 
& the mode is a gift for the movies filefront.com

GREETZ to all of THE DS in ( DaRkGaMeS )

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