Lord Of Berlin

Adolf did not commit suicide.

In the spring of the final year of WWII, an American OSS commando is sent on a criti...


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Adolf [wash your mouth out!] did not commit suicide.

In the spring of the final year of WWII, an American OSS commando is sent on a critical mission deep into the heart of the German Wehrmacht. His job becomes exponentially more complicated, however, when he encounters a beautiful and deadly Soviet GRU agent...

A few notes...

jon3331 - - I would like to say myself that i am very annoyed and mad about how you would make a movie about somone who hated eveyone inlcuding jews,catholics.muslim etc. Your movie was inapporiate. WHAT DO YOU THINK HE IS A ROLE MODLEL!!!

Did you watch the movie? It's about him getting KILLED. I'm assuming you just looked at the screen-shot and the tagline and flipped out. "OMFG lik sum1 made a movie bout [wash your mouth out!]!!!1!!1"

- Apparently, making a WWII movie where Americans and Germans kill each other is "hate-propaganda". I didn't realize that. It's also weird that a substantial number of German users have left 5 star ratings and reviews saying how much they loved this movie. Hmm...

- The date error: I had already talked about this before, but I've changed this movie's description so many times that it has since been removed. The movie was supposed to take place in the month of April, so that the last day in the movie would coincide with the day of [wash your mouth out!]'s suicide (April 30th). I thought I had fixed this subtitle before uploading. I was wrong.

- VO: I've redone the movie with voices, I'm waiting to upload it next month.

- Length: again, if you didn't watch it, don't review it. Admitting you didn't even watch the film and still giving it a low rating is a clear example of voter abuse and any further cases will be reported to Sam. I understand the difficulty of streaming such a large file on a dial-up modem, but the movie does not take long to just download instead, and I know this for a fact because I UPLOADED it and have since watched it here using a 56k connection.

To all those who have submitted CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, thank you. Your thoughts/problems with the movie were taken very much to heart and helped me immensely in crafting the Director's Cut. There's nothing like community feedback on what you liked/didn't like to make something better.

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