Modern British Army

An awesome costume of the Modern British Army.


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An awesome costume of the Modern British Army.

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Modern British Army DPM
A Texture Mod for The Movies(TM)
By Rayven

Thanks to.


Unzip to your "The Movies\Data" Folder, and if you have chosen to preserve the filepaths, then everything will be put where it should be, if not, this is where they go

Filename:                           Location to Extract to		"The Movies\Data\textures\costumes"		"The Movies\Data\textures\costumes"		"The Movies\Data\textures\costumes"		"The Movies\Data\textures\costumes"		"The Movies\Data\textures\"

If you have any troubles with this mod, please contact me through email at,
[email protected] , which is also my MSN Address, which you can use to contact me.

I would very much appreciate, that if you use my skins, you at least give me a mention in the credits of your movie and i would also like it if you contacted me with a link to the movie you used them in.

Thanks to:
Lionhead, for making The Movies in the First place.
The Movies Workshop, for providing downloads of tools to use for extracting the skins and tutorials for extracting the skins.

You have CHOSEN to use this and although while i installed it it worked fine, 
and because you chose this of your free will i cannot be responsible for any 
damage it may do. (Though it is highly unlikly that such damages will occur)

Legal Notice:
Copyright 2006 by Rayven,

These files are ONLY to be used for noncommercial purposes

This is an unofficial texture modification,Lionhead Studios, and the Creators of this package are not responsible for any possible damages to your computer.

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