Peter Jackson



- Best I could do with starmaker's templates. You'll have to picture him without the glasses... I'm uploading this more as a gag than as a cool star to play (the hair cracks me up). Even though I use him all the time - his stats are the best (this guy's directed every genre there is (at least in the The Movies' shortlist). - Character attributes maxed using Casting Couch (you can't get better). - Genres experience is (very generously) based on the subject's career.



- if you have no idea how to import a character into the game - google it.
- this character file was hacked using Casting Couch. I cannot be responsible for any problems that might arise from using it. I'm not the author of that program. But i have tested the character and used it to some extent without any complications. Even running a multiple modded version of The Movies, so no need to wish you good luck.
- no rights reserved. Just don't pass it around as your work.

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