Plague Storm

N THE GRIM DARKNESS OF THE FAR FUTURE THERE IS ONLY WAR! In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, Mankind is assailed on all fronts by p...

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N THE GRIM DARKNESS OF THE FAR FUTURE THERE IS ONLY WAR! In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, Mankind is assailed on all fronts by perfidious aliens, degenerate traitors, and treacherous rebels. In this dark universe, only the fearless champions and unforgiving crusaders of the God Emperor will be able to defend Mankind from total annihilation.

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The Distant planet Istar IV in the Eastern Fringe was recently colonized by the Imperium of Man. Colonization of
Istar IV seemed to be going well, until an uncharted Warp Storm engulfed the entire planet. Several years later
when the Warp Storm had finally passed, communication with the colonists could not be established.

Colonel Schaeffer, and his Imperial Guard have been dispatched to Istar IV to investigate the outcome of the Warp
Storm, and reestablish contact with the colonists ...

This is the fist film in the trilogy I plan to create. It contains both subtitles, and voice over acting (by me).
This is the first time I've done voice over acting, so I hope that it's atleast decent. I opted to use both,
incase anyone found it difficult to understand any of the characters in the film.

Unfortunately the actor playing the Captain aged twards the end of filming, and changed the color of his hair,
and beard. I didn't noticed this until the move went into post production, so there was nothing I could do to fix
this. Also the dreaded "echo" bug makes an apperance twice I belive, again nothing I could do to fix that either.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did creating it, and I look forward to reading the constructive
comments, and criticism from the community here.
Sci-Fi, 2022

    * Digital Stock,
    * Digital Recording,
    * Digital Camera,
    * Digital Sound

Uploaded 10 hours 22 mins ago
Length 13 mins 21 secs

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