The Movies

Make the movie of your dreams with the biggest collection of modifications, props, skins, sets and much much more! Lights, Camera, Action!

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The Movies DDS Converter

While searching for a utility so that I can recolor costumes, etc., I came upon a nice little program that allows you to convert a dds file to a bmp file. It is called dxtbmpx and can be found under file fronts' Halo 2 modding tools. You will need Pak Poker to extract files. When saving, make sure you alter the name in same format ie:


The Movies Black & White Movies

Tarison has found a way to unlock black and white mode for The Movies. He's been able to make movies that are in black and white by editing some of the files which are within The movies. Here's what he said: It works. Uploaded my tech demo into my studio. It was filmed in 2005, game-time, in black and white. Yeah, that's right. Anyway, if you don't have...