The Sims

From Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, comes a new game that puts you in charge of a neighborhood of Sims and lets you run -or ruin - their lives as you see fit. Create your simulated people and bu...

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Ke-Mushroom Guest 37KB 664
Giant Scissors - "The Run with scissors" Guest 365KB 177
Kyles Magic Pepsi Machine Guest 177KB 966
Retro Pink Sugah Sims 65KB 179
Retro Green Sugah Sims 65KB 107
Retro Blue Sugah Sims 65KB 154
Sienna Sky Sugah Sims 88KB 177
Coca Cola 1 Art Guest 76KB 236
Coca Cola Wallpaper Guest 37KB 382
Coca Cola Tile Guest 13KB 386
Mario "Power Up" Painting campincarl 42KB 381
Master Chief with Fuel-Rod Cannon Guest 34KB 379
Red Counters Mike3 310KB 118
Green Counter Mike3 318KB 98
Blue Counter Mike3 687KB 149
Moss Green Incurve Counter Rebecca Sandler 218KB 139
Onyx End Table George Su 94KB 139
O'Mann Partners Desk Kitsuenko 119KB 150
French Blue Dining Table Rebecca Sandler 162KB 160
Sumpto End Table Joe Conti 88KB 111
Sims Objects Completed Medalgod 2.37MB 527
Hacked Computer Millipedeman 148KB 1221
Moneywell Lightning Bolt Computer Guest 124KB 408
Verte Femme de Luxe Lamp Guest 92KB 271
Pooltable Overhead Lighting JLB 60KB 399
Neighborhood lot 2 Guest 70KB 338
Deftone Boy Evelien van der Velde 57KB 194
Medieval Gown Julie 93KB 278
Castle Dan... 73KB 664
Modern Medieval Mansion Tezza105 77KB 355
The Hamilton House Paige M. Sheen 88KB 453
Train Station nr.2 Awsm 144KB 408
Matt's House nr2 Matt 178KB 273
Summer Apartments nat_nat 89KB 343
PVC Dress Julie 85KB 463
Bedroom Floor Guest 49KB 266
Bathroom Floor Guest 49KB 366
Red Hot Chili Peppers Skin Pack BeeFqUBe 99KB 1130
Asian Sleep Wear Warren 1.47MB 1454
Donald Trump Painting Jon 35KB 153
Missy Painting Jon 45KB 181
Blue 'n' Pink Lava Lamp Jon 22KB 420
Canadian Outfit Jon 103KB 447
US Mansion Jon 72KB 1053
Winter Clothes Warren 2.78MB 550
Yellow Outfit Jon 92KB 296
Blue Hot Tub Jon 137KB 566
Cute 'n' Daring Jon 122KB 962
Bentley Painting Jon 36KB 141
Beige Panel Jon 60KB 270