The Sims

From Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, comes a new game that puts you in charge of a neighborhood of Sims and lets you run -or ruin - their lives as you see fit. Create your simulated people and bu...

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Mafia Career 33KB 5,012 Wireless Web PC 132KB 4,180
Kyles Magic Pepsi Machine 177KB 3,900
Security Camera 17KB 3,759
President 35KB 3,738
Big House 61KB 3,583
Last Castle 246KB 3,572
Instant Pizza Kit 132KB 3,434
7DS Playstation 42KB 3,352
Egyptian Object Pack 190KB 3,156
iMac 134KB 3,115
The Matrix Career 39KB 2,523
Darth Vader 43KB 2,057
Open Air Shower 34KB 2,004
Carved Stone Fireplace 78KB 1,976
Matrix Career 137KB 1,927
Exercise Machine 147KB 1,906
Darkside Career 139KB 1,875
Blood Bathroom Set 1.58MB 1,793
Super Hero career 141KB 1,650