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The biggest collection of mods, houses, skins, tools and utilities for the original entry in the hugely popular life simulator, The Sims!

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Skins Renamon

Here is a Renamon skin for the sims 1, this skin is based off Renamon from Digimon Season 3. From the screenshots this skin looks fairly bas...


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Utilities The Sims Complete Collection

A small trainer for The Sims Complete Collection


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Other Ke-Mushroom

The KE-Mushroom2 gives 25,000 simoleons(adult only), 100 or 300 or 1500 coins (adult only), 1 of each ingredient needed for spells (child or...


Other Giant Scissors - "The Run with scissors"

This is a special Pair of scissors for your sims to play with and run around the house like lunatics with. When you activate a sim to use t...


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Other Kyles Magic Pepsi Machine

This is a very creative appliance. It's a Pepsi Machine with more selections like Duff and its just cool.


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Female Retro Pink

This pretty pink retro-style dress is brought to you by Sugah Sims Boutique. Classic geometric pattern, in vibrant, mod colors for your Sims...


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Female Retro Green

This pretty green retro-style dress is brought to you by Sugah Sims Boutique. Classic geometric pattern, in vibrant, mod colors for your Sim...


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Female Retro Blue

This pretty blue retro-style dress is brought to you by Sugah Sims Boutique. Classic bold, floral pattern, in vibrant, mod colors for your S...


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Wallpaper Sienna Sky

This is like no ordinary bathroom tile. A lustrous finish brings out the jewel-tone flashes of this designer wall. Elegance defined. Ligh...


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Decorative Coca Cola 1 Art

The latest trend in home decore is Coca Cola art. This is the first in a series of both new and vintage Coca Cola decor. Brought to you by S...


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Wallpaper Coca Cola Wallpaper

Vibrant, red wallpaper with a Coca Cola theme. Part of Sugah Sims Interiors Coca Cola series.


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Floors Coca Cola Tile

Coca Cola decor for your Sims home. This vibrant decorator tile is easy to care for and scuff resistant. Matches Sugah Sim's Coca Cola wall...


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Decorative Mario "Power Up" Painting

An encouraging picture of Mario, the star of Nintendo from campincarl.


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Decorative Master Chief with Fuel-Rod Cannon

A splendid pic of Halo's Master Chief wielding a Fuel-Rod Cannon.


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Counters Red Counters

A red counter for The Sims from Mike.


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Counters Green Counter

A green counter for The Sims from Mike.


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Counters Blue Counter

A blue counter for The Sims from Mike.


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Counters Moss Green Incurve Counter

A moss green counter for The Sims from Rebecca Sandler.


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End Tables Onyx End Table

An end table for The Sims from George Su.


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Desks O'Mann Partners Desk

A desk for The Sims from Kitsuenko. It requires the Livin' Large expansion pack.


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Tables French Blue Dining Table

A dining table for The Sims from Rebecca Sandler. It requires the Livin' Large expansion pack.


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Tables Sumpto End Table

An end table for The Sims from Joe Conti.


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Objects Sims Objects Completed

This is Part 1 of the Cheap As Chips Range that the author is making.


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Computers Hacked Computer

This is a computer from Millipedeman that allows adult sims to use the "Study" option.


No Screenshot
Objects Moneywell Lightning Bolt Computer

This computer from Millipedeman is a recolor of the Maxis Moneywell computer. It has lightning fast internet, and state of the art equipment...


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Hanging Lamps Verte Femme de Luxe Lamp

Verte Femme de Luxe Lamp, A skin by Rebecca Sandler. The lamp looks pretty cool, kind of like the green color.


No Screenshot
Hanging Lamps Pooltable Overhead Lighting

A skin of a pool table overhead lighting by JLB. Looks pretty nice, check it out.


Communtiy Lots Neighborhood lot 2

Nice and cool lot which should give you loads of fun.


Male Deftone Boy

Simple Deftone boy skin. Nothing fancy really.


Female Medieval Gown

Check the screenshot to get a basic understanding of what the dress looks like.


Communtiy Lots Castle

Castle lot. This is a nice change from the regular lots.


Communtiy Lots Modern Medieval Mansion

A Modern Medieval Mansion. Massive size sure to please your Sims. Huge pool great for those big partys. Old furniture mixed with new activit...


Communtiy Lots The Hamilton House

This house includes 7 bedrooms and 8 baths. It has a study/library and a workout room. Plenty of space for those wealthy Sims who have plent...


Communtiy Lots Train Station nr.2

This lot looks rather nice if I do say so myself. Of course, like the title implies, this features a train station.


Communtiy Lots Matt's House nr2

A good house, very big but not many rooms. This is one of the better houses that I've seen. Having many rooms doesn't always make for a go...


Vacation Lots Summer Apartments

This lot of apartments is ready for your sims to move in. mainly used in summer, these apartments boast a big pool, magnificent gardens 12 l...


Female PVC Dress

Look at the picture to get a better understanding of what the dress looks like. This dress does not look bad at all. The dress looks a bit l...


Floors Bedroom Floor

Simple texture which gives you a nice and slick new bedroom floor.


Floors Bathroom Floor

Simple texture to use on the bathroom floor.


Celebrity Red Hot Chili Peppers Skin Pack

Here we have a nice set of skins for the Sims of the Red Hot Chili Peppers: Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante, Flea, and Chad. Very nicely do...


Adults Asian Sleep Wear

Warren brings us a collection of asian inspired sleepwear for all the family. Includes:- Japanesse Komonos Asian Lace (18+)


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Paintings Donald Trump Painting

Let your sims rub shoulders with success! Well, at least let them look at it.... Still, your sims are bound to be more successful under Th...


No Screenshot
Paintings Missy Painting

This spectacular Missy Elliott painting will make every sim in your home want to "Work It"! Enjoy!


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Table Lamps Blue 'n' Pink Lava Lamp

Give your house that modern touch with the NEW Blue 'n' Pink Lava Lamp. The glass is extra-thick tempered to withstand bumps and scratche...


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Female Canadian Outfit

Are you Canadian? Let your sim wear this outfit to the pool, beach or on vacation and show her pride! All skin tones included. Base skin...


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Houses US Mansion

This home includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a home cinema, and features separate indoor and outdoor pools as well as 3 hot tubs. Comes mode...


Adults Winter Clothes

Warren has brought us a set of winter clothes for your sims. This pack includes:- 1.LgtB South Pole Suit 2.DrkB South Pole Suit 3.DGrn...


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Female Yellow Outfit

Yellow, yellow everywhere! This bright, bold outfit includes a skimpy bikini top, tall high-heeled boots, and a cute short skirt. All skin...


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Hot Tubs Blue Hot Tub

This computer-controlled indoor/outdoor hot tub is the pinnacle of relaxation technology. Now with wood stained in blue!


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Female Cute 'n' Daring

This daring outfit combines high-heeled shoes with a white belt and pastel-blue flared pants, completed with a white bikini top. All skin t...


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Paintings Bentley Painting

Absolutely nothing under the sun can give your sim more class than a Bentley. A Bentley painting, however, is the next best thing! Enjoy


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Wallpaper Beige Panel

This wall paneling incorporates nature into its design while maintaining a modern, classy feel. Enjoy!


No Screenshot
Recreation Soccer Ball

Another football style item for Mark, this time he has made us a football. When used your sim will a - Explode with laughter b - Have a fu...


Houses Little Italy

Here we have a smallish 1 floor italy themed house. Take a look at the screenshots


Houses Winston Lot

Here we have The Winston Lot. Its a very big grand house which is fully furnished & decorated. Your best looking at the screenshots. Enj...


Tools Sims PaintShop

SimPaintShop is a tool that will let you create new paintings based on some of the templates in The Sims! By using The Sims Transmogrifier,...


Tools Object Thumbnail Viewer

ObjectThumbnail Viewer will let you browse your objects and let you see the Price, Description, and Thumbnail. It will let you zoom in on th...


Tools Guid Getter

This program I created retrieves GUIDs from objects. This is extremely useful for object hackers to look for GUIDs so they can change them i...


Tools Download Counter

This program that I created counts your downloaded Objects, Floors, Walls, Skins, and Roofs! It shows you the file path and counts files in...


Tools Character Viewer

What this file does is allows you view character's heads (thumbnails of their heads), shows there name, and their bio. Enjoy